Representation is not enough: Coming out of the gaming closet

A gamer explores the depiction of homosexuality in Fable 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

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Firstkn1ghT3740d ago

We're still long off in seeing a gay protagonist in a video game. You might see it in PC games, but not in console games. Kudos to Lionhead to not shy away from adding homosexuality in Fable 3 and not just be a joke like GTA4.

NiKK_4193740d ago

yea it was probably offensive to some, but bernie was kind of funny in gta4. but who knows, some of them could have accepted it as a joke and found it funny too, and not as a hit towards gays

ReservoirDog3163739d ago

Bernie was a character built off satire (like allllll of GTA IV) but he was still a decent character at the end of the day.

And Gay Tony was actually really well done (friends with a really* straight guy and it never once says he secretly likes him, he's more like a father figure, which if you think about it, that's probably never happened before).

Just saying.

NiKK_4193740d ago

no offense, but putting "gay" and "lip-service" in the same sentece could put a very disgusting image in one's head...bleh

forevercloud30003740d ago

I was always a little offended that Mass Effect 1 and 2 omitted a homosexual couple(The whole Lesbian thing was a cop out because everyone knows lesbians are generally more accepted in society than gay men and it was a "A" sexual alien anyway). Dragon Age, Fallout New Vegas, and Fable III all allow gay relationships, why didn't mass effect? It almost feels like they are saying gays won't exist in the future when the general consensus is that sexuality becomes a nonexistant issue in the future(according to many sources of media that is).

I am just hoping now that this issue has been revealed to them, Bioware will reward me with a love interest or something as I remained a bachelor through previous entries.

Bolts3739d ago

LMAO!! I'm probably a scumbag and I shouldn't laugh, but I can't help it. Your post is funny as hell.

AfricanWoolf3740d ago

I know that I'm going to come across as a bigot here, but I really do believe that homosexuality (I don't mean a character, I'm talking about exploring it properly) into every game is going to seriously detract from the experience.

Although homosexuality is perfectly acceptable and nothing to be ashamed about, it is an unnatural state for most of us and as such, it is a subject that can never have the same casual approach that straight relationships have.

I know that this is upsetting to anyone who is gay, but it is sadly the reality.

AfricanWoolf3740d ago

I really don't mean to offend anyone. Just airing my, possibly misplaced, opinion.

forevercloud30003740d ago

I am not offended by your comments at all and I understand where you are coming from, but...

I am not asking that every male lead of every game be a mo, not asking any of them to be actually. If a developer wants to create a pre existing character with characteristics of their choosing that is up to them.

I simply wish if a game is open ended where you create/design the character to reflect me as the player then allow me to actually do so. How is it Mass Effect has so many hetero relationship options and not one gay one?If you have 5 female options for my character to sleep with, throw in a male one too for pete's sake. If a game has dialogue trees, allow me to convey my sarcastic and wity nature so famous in "my people" lol. That is all I am asking. Fairness

ReservoirDog3163739d ago

I'm sure it'll happen eventually. Just gotta wait.

- A christian that doesn't throw bricks at gay people.

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