Operation Flashpoint: Red River To Be Both Fun and Challenging, says Codemasters

Operation Flashpoint: Red River’s creative director Sion Lenton has implied that the main goal when developing Red River was to deliver a product which not only provides a challenge, but fun as well.

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DavidMacDougall3735d ago

If a good studio said that about this game then maybe i'd believe it, like if Naughty Dog said its 10x better than the first i'd give it a try cause they know what there talking about, but you guys have no say after the mess the first one was (I'm not counting the good Operation Flashpoint)

ATiElite3734d ago

Ha ha ha ha ha YEH RIGHT!!

like I'm suppose to believe anything codeslackers say after that Dragon Rising crap.

Sorry but I'll stick with Arma II.

Soldierone3735d ago

Dragon Rising or whatever it was, was terrible. worst looking game ive played and the controls were PS1 style. I like the idea behind it, makin it so realistic that a gun shot wound is exrtemely bad, but you gotta make the entire game realistic. I have no faith in this one after that.

gcolley3734d ago

i enjoyed the first although it was frustrating. best experience is co-op. i will wait for reviews though and maybe wait some more for the first major update and then i'll be good to go. nice change of pace from all the generic military shooters out there and still has it's place. since bad company single player went on rails (bastards) i will still get this if it is any good. prefer open world to linear hand holding any day.