G4TV: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Story Discussion

The Uncharted series has thus far offered a seamless blending of superior story and gameplay, and here Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb discuss the possibility that Amy Hennig and Naughty Dog might just do it again with Uncharted 3.

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M-Easy3738d ago

Lol I haven't seen Morgan since G4 was dropped like a bad habit from DirecTV. Hmm, I'd still do her :\

Kyur4ThePain3738d ago

I can honestly say that G4TV is not a channel I miss one little bit. Well, maybe Ninja Warrior.

Kyur4ThePain3738d ago

Hey disagreer, bite my yum yum.

Dellis3738d ago

Morgan Webb looks like Michael Jackson

smashman983738d ago

i dont find morgan that hot she looks a bit wierd oh well we all have different taste

thebudgetgamer3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

i dont think morgan is the hottest chick, but i can imagine myself having a better time hanging out with her than someone like olivia munn.

smashman983738d ago

i can definitley agree to that morgan actually knows wat shes talking bout

NiKK_4193738d ago

cant wait for this. that water chasing him down the hall looks so sexy, i love it :)

supremacy3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

But they are right, no one should really give a damn about this upcoming film adaptation, specially if its entirely different from the games which they derive from.

In all honesty Sony should just let naughty dog take care of the script and cast members, because i think good things can only come from them.

Same thing with the god of war movie, Sony should really let their studios deal with the movie adaptations of their creations.

I want whoever did 300 to do god of war, and not the guy who pop culturise (if thats even a word) x-men and ultimately killed it.

If they are going to make movie adaptations of their games they should atleast first consider getting the right directors and actors for these takes before anything else.

nycredude3738d ago

Really? What if they turn out to be excellent movies? We don't watch it cause someone who we don't know and don't care about tells us we shouldn't care? Use your own judgement. I couldn't care less if these are game adaptations so long as they are good movies I'll watch them.

God knows I have seen worse

supremacy3738d ago

Ok you're right ill use my own judgment and my instincts tell me that this movie might not turn out so good after all.

A family of police treasure hunters? mark walberg? yeah im good with that.

smashman983738d ago

@ supremacy the whole police treasure hunter thing was confirmed false

GooZe3738d ago

didnt mark walberg just come off a movie that won a bunch of awards?
stop acting like he cant produce good shit

NiKK_4193738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

hopefully its false, cuz i didnt like the sound of him messing with the story, but marky mark could be ok as long as its done right...i guess it could work, we'll just have to wait and see
off-topic, i really didnt like the movie other guys, i thought it was cheesy as hell, it seemed like the director wasnt sure what role he wanted wahlberg playing (unless he was supposed to seem bipolar or something.) the scene at the dance studio was very stupid IMO, and i just wanted the movie to be over after a while, but im interested in seeing The Fighter to see what the russell does with him so i can get an idea. but in no way do i think he is a bad actor, just that role was just plain bad

smashman983738d ago

well said gooZE plus bubbles my friend

smashman983738d ago

lol yea he was supposed to come off as a bit bipolar
i loved that movie

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