Call of Duty: Modern Annualized Abuse

Game Podunk Content Manager, DanCurtis writes, "Now is it just me, or is Call of Duty taking over the entire planet? Mark my words, if the world ended today and thousands of years in the future in a post-apocalyptic wasteland someone finds a battered copy of Modern Warfare, they'd probably think we revered it as a religious deity. Call of Duty is absolutely everywhere, crawling like a seeping locust over the bedrock of society, ingraining itself firmly into our psyches with year upon year upon year of Call of Duty's being released..."

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zeksta3356d ago

No, Call of Duty right now is simply a trend, people enjoy it cause their friends enjoy it, and like everything, most things come to an end, Hitler did, 80's Did and Old People do. :)

Pixelated_Army3356d ago


COD is at it's highest point right now and whatever goes up must come down.

Octo13356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

I'm done with COD. MW2 and BlOPs are my last. Too bad its being annualized and being treated like Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk.
Its will be squeezed and squeezed until the last drop comes out.
I will no longer pay for a game that though claimed to be "new" is really just a re-skin of its predecessor with a one or two "new" features to hook you with but in reality, these new features are nothing more than a new implementation of said feature.