Nintendo 3DS or Sony PSP2?

While Nintendo has already laid out their plan for the 3DS, the PSP2's path remains hidden. Based on what we know so far, who will end up winning this round of the handheld war?

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Optical_Matrix3728d ago

As always, I will buy both. N64 and PS1, Gamecube and PS2, PS3 and Wii, DS and PSP...3DS and PSP2. I'm a big fan of both Nintendo and Sony, and so that I don't miss any of the great titles and features they bring with each new hardware they release, I'll be buying both on day one.

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firefoxprime3728d ago

Eat that stupid fanboys.

I'll probably purchase the 3DS first(since i already have it preordered:Dec27th) Thursday is gonna be a big day.

I'm "really" curious to see what Sony is going to bring to the table. If its just hd graphics and 2 analogs...then meh. Only time will tell...

strickers3728d ago

What?!"only 2 analogs"That would be the best thing to happen to handhelds.
What does the 3DS bring?3D.Something no one cared about,then suddenly it's the same old crap.
It's good now Ninty have done it and in 5 years time they'll have invented it.
How about we wait until we've seen the PSP2?
The jury is still out.
This article is nonsense comparing a console weeks away to one we haven't even seen.

firefoxprime3725d ago

I sorry you feel that way./s

"What does the 3DS bring?3D.Something no one cared about,then suddenly it's the same old crap."

I also sorry you're a nobody. Does anyone care about "you"?

NoobSessions3728d ago

Ill try to get both eventually....

But the only games that seem to interest me on the 3DS are mostly first party games. Ill buy it when Pokemon comes out, and that wont probably be for a while since Black/White comes out this year.

SIX3728d ago

The more I think about it the more I'm leaning towards the psp2 just simply because of the dual analog. It just seems like a machine geared towards the games that I will like.

dragunrising3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Definitely buying both. I will buy the 3DS for the missus and borrow it. If it proves to be too much fun I'll buy another. PSP 2 is a sure winner. I have so many PSN minis and Playstation 1 games, both purchased and from PSN plus, I will have to get one.

I've been playing games on my Droid a lot more lately as free time is lacking at the moment to play fully featured console games. Dedicated handhelds should help in this regard as gaming on cell phones is only fun for so long :-p

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Adva3728d ago

How about we get all info before we make these articles? Maybe at least when the hardware specs are announced...

StbI9903728d ago

Dude, these psp2 spec are obvious, come on...we are in 2011... every single smartphone will have that, even more specs than what the psp2 will cary for the next 5 years, so what is the big deal on recognizing it?

With these psp2 spec, it is easyly a Psp2 > 3DS for me, but as optical matrix wrote, both are coming sure

Tron_Rocks3728d ago

It is NOT obvious it is pure conjecture until Sony releases the info officially.

StbI9903728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Dude...I can pretty much name you a couple of handheld smartphone that outperform the psp2 in its rumors state...why wouldn't sony knowing they are up to catch a fight for around 5 years or more, make the psp2 that powerful or even more?...No rocket science homie.

And screw that guy saying bullshit of 3DS winning it all up, altho I think it will hence the release date it is having, but further, psp2 look way more appealing to me than any portable gaming device ever, just by thinking of playing ps2 games on it kill it raw.

JBit923728d ago

It talks about that in the article. While this is only speculation, based on previous leaks by Sony these PSP2 leaks can be pretty reliable.

Jio3728d ago

They are both completely different machines. Im getting both, I dont want to miss out on the fun just because Im an ignorant sony or nintendo fanboy and only get one

Theodore873728d ago

When time and/or money is limited, one would have to prioritize. There are people who love games but can't afford to play every game they like. Hence, the circumstance drives them to pick and choose, and that doesn't make them any less of a gamer than you and me. Generalization and mockery of people having a different opinion may make one feel superior, but others will only look at him/her as an ignorant snob.

However, such an article is pointless as there are not enough factual evidences to draw any reasonable conclusions nor to form sound opinions on the matter. The new DS's 3D capability is yet to be proven. It could be a novelty to some but a 3D cliche to others. The new PSP's existence hasn't been confirmed, and its specifications are just rumors and speculations. Marvelous it may be! A major flop, too, a possibility!

PS: I should watch less of "The Big Bang Theory" lol.

Joni-Ice3727d ago

Getting one and not the another does not mean your a fanboy. Like I said before I am NOT interested in the 3DS. I do know people who are getting day one but its not for me. The PSP2 is more my style.

silkrevolver3728d ago

Something announced vs. speculation...

But seriously: if the PSP2 has great games at launch, I’ll get one right away. As far as the 3DS goes, I’ll most likely get one when Oot and/or Kid Icarus comes out.