Dead Space 2 Costume Packs Available Now

Hell Descent: Dead Space 2 released today along with three costume packs. The three packs are 400 MSP or $4.99 each. The Hazard, Supernova and Martial Law packs can be found on both the Playstation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace. The packs come with new costumes as well as matching weapon. The content seems a bit pricey at $5, but we’re sure some die hard Dead Space fans will pick them up to freshen up Isaac’s appearance.

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Zydake3730d ago

i love that picture so much it threw me off topic

CrIpPeN3729d ago

I remember how Resident Evil 4 released later with all the addition to PS2/PC you have to play to unlock stuff but at least it was free.

Now you have to buy stuff that you already should have with to begin with.

VenomProject3730d ago

I love the fact that the Extraction face is still going strong.

Zack_Fair3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

that's what I hate in this gen ...
we paid $ 60 for incomplete games.
why these costumes are not in the game?

they probably are in the game, but we have to pay to unlock them ...

Dark_Overlord3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I'm guessing they are on the disc, looking at the US PSN, all the packs are 100kb each, isn't that the same size as pretty much every unlock code?

IMO these should be included with the online pass to encourage people to buy the game new, but no, ripping off consumers again is the way forward :/

LiquifiedArt3730d ago

this leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I understand planning DLC and adding to the existing game experience, but creating content, putting it on disc, then allowing people to pay more to use that content is garbage and I for one will not spend a dime on it.