Square Enix Calls Final Fantasy XIII-2 Dark and Mysterious

Uncover your ears: Final Fantasy XIII-2 will not start off with a J-pop concert.

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versusALL3357d ago

absolutely can not wait for Final Fantasy XIII-2, had a blast with the first one, played for days on end, couldn't put the controller down. Loved the graphics, gameplay, characters, Everything. Plus this will held me up until Versus XIII.

Kon3356d ago

Do you really enjoyed the XIII fail?

Oldsnake0073356d ago

FF13 was fun. sure it was no perfect but it was still good.

Redempteur3356d ago

i sure did .. i did not regret my purchase ..played all FF , and many rpgs ..ff13 is a good rpg ,not a great a FF and that's ok in my book .

there are many things that should be corrected for the sequel however

SnakeMustDie3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Wasn't Versus supposed to be "Dark and Mysterious"? Anyways, I won't expect much in this game.

3357d ago
Obama3356d ago

FF13 really isn't as bad as people say it is; I find it pretty fun overall. May be partly because I played it with original voice overs and subtitles?

plb3356d ago

I also didn't find it terrible but wasn't great either. Sigh why do I only have 2 bubbles =\

blackpanther253356d ago

i wish i could have played it with the original voice overs cause some of the dialog was super cheesey in english

Gamer_Z3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Ive seen a lot of anime back in the day and if theres one thing that the Japanese know how to do is write Cheesy dialog.. but it could be that its just misinterpatation when the dialog is translated to english. I do know they cuss a lot more in the jap versions :P

lightningsax3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

It is what it is. It's definitely a graphical showcase (on PS3, at least), the art style is great and pretty reminiscent of Panzer Dragoon Orta (one of my favorite games ever!), and the music is top-notch, especially the boss themes. Yoko Shimomura was definitely running on all cylinders. The English voice acting was decent; mostly non-offensive. Sazh's voice acting was great.

The battle system? Well, if they just threw it at you with a little tutorial, it would be great, but they spoon-fed the system in little bits, so it was boring for quite a while. Earth to Square: your consumer base is older than you think, we can handle it.

Content-wise (creating cities and towns, side-quests that weren't "fight this thing," etc.), they failed, but that was expected considering what was being said in interviews: they spent way too much money on way too many staff creating a graphical engine; they should have tweaked someone else's and put the money toward content creation. It wouldn't be as pretty, but it would be engaging. It screams mismanagement, just like XII's production did when it switched teams three times (and lost depth to every city but Rabanastre, lost the airship battles, created a void in the plot and shot you to the ending, etc.).

It's totally a mixed bag, and it depends on what you like, and what you can tolerate. I was fine with playing through 25 hours of "okay" to get to the good stuff - I was unemployed at the time! Couldn't do that now, and I'd be pretty impatient.

Anyway, the subject at hand - FFXIII-2. We've only seen a few shots of this thing, but it's comforting knowing Vanille won't be doing her best Britney impression this time around.

TheoreticalParticle3356d ago

I'm going to wait until someone besides the company calls it "dark and mysterious".

This means about as much to me as Apple calling their own products magical.

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The story is too old to be commented.