Why I'm Psyched For Persona 5 "Two years ago, I found a copy of Persona 3: FES in the bargain bin of my local department store and decided to give it a try after hearing so much about the series. I instantly became a fan of the series and picked up Persona 4 later that year and enjoyed it just as much, if not a little bit more. While Atlus has only mentioned the game’s development briefly over the past year or so, Persona 5 is one game I have my eye on."

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mephman3730d ago

I think it'll be great to see how Persona transitions over to the PS3/Xbox 360.

versusALL3730d ago

wait are they even working on Persona 5 right now, I thought they were working on Cathrine.

ShawnCollier3730d ago

They've been working on it to some degree I'd imagine, but the full development obviously hasn't happened yet.

Sanrin3730d ago

I wish catherine would just release and be done with already.

Redempteur3730d ago

catherine is just a project made in order to do the transition on current gen consoles ... it's quite obvious their next project is a rpg ...

SnakeMustDie3730d ago

They need to have a selectable male/female protagonist like in P3P.

Phazonmasher3730d ago

I'm not that far into P3:FES yet, but I'm definitely all for more Persona.

JDouglasGU3730d ago

always been a series i've meant to check out.

Allowen3730d ago

It is complicated to make a real "next gen" RPG to fight in graphics with Square-Enix, Bioware or Bethsoft.
Atlus does not have all that cash.

With that in mind I belive they might launch Persona 5 for a Playstation portable device such the PSP or PSP2.
I doubt it will come to the PS3.

HelghastKid3729d ago

i believe they can. the art style of persona is much dif to that of dragon, elder scrolls, final fantasy. besides, graphics arent important in that of rpgs. gameplay and story is where its at,and persona knows what its doing.

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The story is too old to be commented.