1 Hit, Wonder Why?

Eric from The Pow Block says: After just finishing my play through of Bayonetta I have to say that I am sourly disappointed with the final boss fight. Yes it was epic, until they used one thing that I cannot stand in games.

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Hitster3730d ago

Whoo! This games is awesome in the fact that she is British!

xgodofwar4sss3728d ago


booni33728d ago

While GOW3 has a lot of things on Bayonetta, gameplay is simply not one of them, and as a gamer, that's all i care about. Everybody parading around graphics, sales, etc. clearly are just PR people and not really gamers because if they were that wouldn't matter

Feel free to go jump off a bridge at any time.

geodood3728d ago

Hmm, to be fair it was obvious which hack n' slash game was going to be the best of 2010 from the start.

xgodofwar4sss3728d ago

every hack n slach game that came out in 2010 is better then bayonetta. thats my word

SeraphimBlade3728d ago

Yeah, there were a number of better hack and slash games like God of War 3 and... uh... Ninja Gai- wait, that was last year... hm... well, you're not lying.

Louis_Guzman3728d ago

You kids are funny, Bayonetta steamrolls that turd GoW3. GoW games are just thumb candy for retards. Even the creator admits it, lol!

geodood3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

@ Louis_Guzman

"Bayonetta steamrolls that turd GoW3"

By having much worse graphics, a laughably poor story, a ridiculous main character aimed at lonely teenage boys and smaller/less epic boss fights?

Let alone getting rated lower, less awards and less sales than GOW3.

" GoW games are just thumb candy for retards"

Bayonetta is just pathetic hentai porn for mongoloids, like yourself.

booni33728d ago

How about what Bayonetta does better? Like er....I don't play! But that's alright. Go mash your single attack button until GOW3 is over. At least you have nice graphics and sales right?

Oh and BTW, Bayonetta was rated pretty high, in the top fifteen games of last year. And Bayo is ridiculous but your absolutely okey dokey with staring at a naked man for hours on end? Get over yourself. Louis_Guzman is right.

JsonHenry3727d ago

Don't mind Geodood, he would defend Sony and their IPs even if they raped his mother.

geodood3725d ago

Well judging by the disagrees, awards and sales a lot of people think you're wrong. So yeah, have fun with it you two, because GOW3 is BLATANTLY more purposefully sexual than Bayonetta, whose special attacks require her to undress xD

Defend it all you want, you are by far in the minority, most gamers don't share your opinion. The general concensus among gamers is that GOW3 was far better than Bayonetta.

In your own words, Don't mind Bayonetta (hentai porn) fans, they would defend her and her poor games even if she raped their mothers.

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JsonHenry3725d ago

I hated Bayonetta and I liked GoW3. I agree with you on this. I just don't like you. :)

LoaMcLoa3728d ago

Woooaaah! SPOILER ALERT everyone!

Caseydilla3728d ago

I wouldn't consider learning that a final boss has a move that can kill you in one shot a spoiler.

That could come off as advice from a friend like, "Oh you're about to fight the final boss? It can kill you in one shot, so don't get hit."

Pozzle3728d ago

You clicked on an article that mentions the final boss in the first sentence, and was surprised to be spoiled? o.O

SeraphimBlade3728d ago

I don't seem to recall. I definitely died once or twice. Need to play through again, all I remember is that weird move where it turns you into a little kid.

Probably didn't notice, bayonetta is one of those games where i get jittery and mash dodge every time a monster takes a step.

Gen0ne3728d ago

Sorry, I beat the final boss on infinity climax without even being hit. This particular gamer just sucks at Bayonetta. Don't blame the game that you're terrible. And if that boss gave you such a hard time, don't even attempt fighting Rodin. Your ass will be quickly and officially, kicked.

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