The Top Ten Best Call of Duty Multiplayer Maps

Bryce from RipTen: Call of Duty is a massive franchise, and that goes without saying… Wait, I said it anyway. The series boasts eight games, millions of hours of gameplay, and arguably some of the greatest multiplayer maps in the history of first-person shooters. RipTen’s own Bryce Wilson has taken on the difficult task of sorting through all of them and choosing what he believes to be the ten best maps in gaming’s best selling franchise. Enjoy!

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CrzyFooL3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Carentan - Fuck Yeah!

Big fan of Skid Row and Terminal from MW 2 as well.

frostyhat1233733d ago

The best cod maps are before WaW!

Commander_TK3733d ago

Put all of the COD4 maps on that list and u have the best Call of Duty maps.

bacrec13733d ago

Yea I have to say im impressed.

farhad2k83733d ago

Ambush from CoD4 was my best in the whole series, Showdown and Crossfire was also nice, and I guess I loved abit of Downpour.

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vicious69833734d ago

I wish every time you bought a new CoD, that the best maps from the previous game would transfer over.

jaredhart3734d ago

Agreed. But you know Activision would see that as "losing money".

CrzyFooL3734d ago

They should have it like Rock Band where you can just get all the old stuff. Could you imagine having ALL the CoD maps playable in every new game? That. Would. Be. Sweet.

Ducky3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

They do transfer over. You just gotta pay for them as DLC.

I remember a few PC projects to have the maps converted through. Don't know what happened to it....

I do remember seeing Favela in CoD4 though...
EDIT: Aha! Found it.

Sandwich Bender3734d ago

Ah, I was waiting for Crash to show up.

ShadowReaper143733d ago

thats what im saying i wanted to see vacant to i loved that map on cod 4

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The story is too old to be commented.