Sega’s Console Return Is Not Only Plausible… It Could Be Imminent


"The Dreamcast was a failure and caused Sega as a console competitor to step down, forever changing the industry.

Ever since that date, Sega faded away into a shadow of its former self. Quality titles were never released by them again, and Sonic was milked to kingdom come.

At this point in time they just periodically re-release their old games. But with the recent break in Sony‘s fortress (the PS3 root key being leaked, which allows unlicensed/pirated software to be run), drastic measures could forever change the industry by causing Sony‘s gaming division to be ruined by piracy and possibly even withdraw from current console competition.

Sega has a break in the storm, and the time could never be better for them to come back."

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jc485733734d ago

I wouldn't use the word "failure."

Proeliator3734d ago

I wouldn't either, but from a business standpoint it was. While it may have been a great thing to the players, to Sega it ultimately lead to their withdrawal.

Yi-Long3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

... and I'm sure in many other places as well.

Even years after it launched, many people had never even heard of a 'Dreamcast'.
Games were only available at specialist gamestores instead of your normal toystores.

I absolutely LOVED my Dreamcast though, and I'd love to see Sega get back into the consolemarket with their own console...

...however, they've been making stupid decision after making stupid decision after stupid decision after stupid decision, for many many years now. Not just with their hardware and the poor marketing of it, but also with their games, how they released it, on which consoles they released it, and the quality of the games themselfs. although I wish Sega could live up to their full potential as a great gamedeveloper with their very own dedicated console...

... I don't really see it being a success, considering the amount of dumbass mistakes they have been making throughout the years. Sadly.

Wenis3734d ago

I don't think there is enough room for 4 consoles to be honest.

qface643734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

if SEGA can re enter the console market i guess atari can too right? right?
lets get real here

"Sony‘s gaming division to be ruined by piracy and possibly even withdraw from current console competition"

REALLY? come on now lets get serious here? REALLY?

Alpha_Gamer3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

"Sony‘s gaming division to be ruined by piracy and possibly even withdraw from current console competition"

Is this guy for real? Sony is making profits on PS3, the games are selling better and better, and the lineup for PS3 is the best we`ve seen in years, and it`s time to withdraw? Pass that stuff down this way, man.

Edit: Ah, it`s from an Xbox site, *rolls eyes.*

sdtarm3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

What Alpha said, this is the worst bullsht Ive heard so far and the most surrealistic one

zeeshan3734d ago

I can't believe I read that article. Seems like a 12 years old wrote this utter piece of crap! For the love of God! Stop with these stupid non-sense bullsh**!!

Dragun6193734d ago

I like Sega as a Publisher, not much as a Console producer.

tplarkin73734d ago

The Sega CD, 32x, and Saturn were collosal failures. The Dreamcast sold well until Sony released the PS2.

baodeus3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

sony withdrawing from gaming industry is a little far fetch, almost impossible (not from just being hacked, even if it is that bad, they can just pump out new ones).

But i think gaming consoles is getting a bit crowded with rumors of apple, sega, and some other wanting to make their own consoles. What are the people gonna focus on and it also create problems for developers. Some will not make it that for sure. We already have so much problem w/ just 3 consoles right now.

AAACE53734d ago

I can hear it now...


Theonik3734d ago

If it weren't for the 32x and as a result the Saturn failures i doubt that the Dreamcast would have had the same fate. DC had some solid numbers at it's begining but Sega couldn't afford to fight off the PS2 hype after the terrible hit they had taken.

nveenio3733d ago

The hacking of the PS3 will not pull Sony out of the running. It just won't happen. That being said, if anyone could even attempt to ENTER the console race at this point in time, it would be Apple. Apple has the technology, resources and cash flow to compete with Sony and Microsoft, only they'd never go "hardcore". Mac is about the casual audience, and that's why their entry into gaming has been in the handheld market--and even then, still developer-lead.

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NYC_Gamer3734d ago

dreamcast failed to win over gamers and 3rd party support

sobekflakmonkey3734d ago

are you kidding? the dreamcast totally won me over, as im sure it did millions of other people in the world, people still own dreamcasts and play them daily, the system was way ahead of its time, it just had one horrible fault, and the library of games on it is just amazing, being that they were all arcade games that you could only play in the arcade at the time, that shit is amaaaziinnnng!

EYEamNUMBER13734d ago

i honestly really fail to see why some people still believe sega returning to being a console maker can still and will happen

realistically speaking here its not gonna happen heck realistically speaking sega themselves really don't have the money or power to re enter the console business

Muletroid3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

from what i can see some people are really being ignorant to think sega is and CAN just re enter the console market like that

sega gets their money from wii/ds/360/ps3/psp
they would not abandon what actually makes them money just wouldn't make any sense whatsoever

what does everyone think sega really has the billions of dollars to re enter the console business just laying around?

karl3734d ago

more importantly .. why would anyone want sega back?

their games were great.. for the time they existed on..

but SONIC... in 2011? or 12? WTF... who really expect them to compete with those exclusives on their console...

NINTENDO is totally different soo dont bring them up..

gaminoz3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I'd be surprised if Sony left the console battlefield after working so hard, and Sega would need some big titles or some fancy new gizmo to attract enough interest in one.

But I've often wondered is Sega was biding its time and as the author says, why bother with patents in 2009 that are so detailed if you aren't doing anything? Unless it's a new controller that you can use on other consoles lol.

sobekflakmonkey3734d ago

yeah, this article came from a xbox 360 fanboy site, i clicked on it, looked at it for like 2 minutes and just left, couldnt even finish the article, its just ridiculous....

BadCircuit3734d ago

As long as we don't get any more Sonic, I'm happy.

mushroomwig3734d ago

Is there even room in the market for another console?

TANUKI3734d ago

If there is, I definitely won't be able to afford it. I can't speak for everyone else, but this gen has been quite expensive...

XboxOZ3603734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Well we have Apple approaching the gaming platform now from a mon-mobile area, so the talk of 4 platforms (or more) is mute really.

Apple have been working their way into the field (in-home-gaming) for some time, and it wouldn't surprise me if their next iTV doesn't have a gaming functionality included, using iTunes as its distribution mode.

SO Sega could well jump into the fray, but they would have to do a LOT better than the current field, as even Panasonic have entered the console (albeit with an online only mode), so that makes 5 platforms.

But with various means of distribution.

Ask yourself, how many brands of TV's are there out there.?

They all do reasonably well, and each services a particular market, there's nothing wrong with gaming doing the same, especially with the ever changing face of distribution that is approaching us in the coming years.

Lift your head out of the sand, look outside the box (no pun intended lol) and you could see many 'possibilities' for companies in gaming.

vishant1013734d ago

the difference with tvs is that they r a one of purchase consoles on the other hand require games and accessories they need to continue supporting there console with these which can cost billions of dollars

Tony-Red-Grave3734d ago

let us go back in time to when the gaming market went crashing down because of consumer confusion and the SNES saved the year, the ps1 went on to rape. though if sony dropped i'd have to switch to PC for my core games/online

SuicideShaun3734d ago

I would honestly not say apple would be anywhere close to gaming.