Bulletstorm Demo - PS3 vs Xbox 360

Eurogamer Portugal published a video comparing the two versions.

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Deathstroke3734d ago

It's a tie. They both suck and the dialogue sounds like it was written by a 6th grader.

thebudgetgamer3734d ago

i had hopes for this game, i guess i will see later.

sobekflakmonkey3733d ago

@thebudgetgamer I meant to hit agree, but accidentally pressed disagree, sorry bud..

Anyways, yeah they look pretty much exactly the same, i have a 360 and ps3, and they are the exact same, theres one thing i noticed though, the 360 version has more effects at the 'Press start screen' than the PS3 version does, im not saying the 360 is better or anything, but thats all ive noticed...

Blacktric3734d ago

Because every game has to have incredibly good written stories and voice acting right? You just can't have fun with a game like Bulletstorm...

JohnApocalypse3734d ago

There wan't really much dialogue in the game anyway but the the duologue that is there is awesome!

coldfoot3733d ago

Yes, because the competition has good written stories and voice acting and there are only 24 hours in a day, majority of which is spent sleeping and working.

Headquarters113733d ago

I have a Sony 1080p led HDtv (with 240hz and motionflow, IDK if that makes a difference). I downloaded the demo on both consoles, and the PS3 version runs A LOOOOOOT smoother. I'm not sure if it's the MotionFlow on my tv that makes it look like that or what. I don't get the same kind of performance from the Xbox. Battlefield looks like it runs smoother and quicker on the PS3 as well. Kind of like it's running at a slightly higher FPS.

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez3733d ago

yeah i noticed it too it looks like the framerate is unlocked on the ps3, it was super smooth, as for the game its ok reminds me of gears first person with wise cracks.

diefor3734d ago

I like the bright colors. :)

jay23734d ago

It's a tie, will I cancle my Pre-order, I've got no idead, not sure what to make of this, not enough in the demo, waitng game for reviews.

Fishy Fingers3734d ago

Difficult without side by side, but looks like little in it, which surprises me, expected the 360 to walk away with this one.

Demo was great fun (if a little short) and made a nice break from all the run of the mill FPS thats out there.

PC for me.

Computersaysno3734d ago

Obvious screentearing on PS3. Probably slight difference in some texture work, mostly minute. Nothing to shout about, much like the game itself

CernaML3734d ago

Actually there is virtually zero screen tearing on the PS3 (it only seems to be noticeable during FMV, like in the Mass Effect 2 demo). It's there but it almost NEVER happens. Haven't tried it on the 360 yet since it crapped out on me recently... but according to someone I was having a chat with, the PS3 version actually runs more fluidly than the 360 version.

Computersaysno3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

But there IS screentearing. Its obvious to me. The 360 version has none at all. You can see that in this video here too. The 360 version also has better edge smoothing. Just the general 360 advantages that it holds in most Unreal Engine 3 games, slightly better edges, slightly better textures, slightly better performance. The same traits you usually see, all to a pretty small degree that they are basically insignificant.

But they are still there.

Nothing dramatic, nothing unexpected. However they DO exist. Thats all im saying. Its not that great a deal of interest to me because i would have taken this on PC.

CernaML3733d ago

Either you're flash player is acting up or you're seeing things. Like I said, there is virtually zero screen tearing on the PS3. It only seems to happen during the FMV which must be a bug.

You're overreacting for something that's pretty much nonexistent. Better edge smoothing? AFAIK, there is almost zero AA on both platforms because of some weird post processing that gets rid of whatever AA the 360 version has or something. It's like that for EVERY UE3 game.

The game ran beautifully on the PS3 and according to some people who played on both, the PS3 version ran smoother than the 360 version. I won't be able to see it for myself since Microsoft still fails at making good hardware even on their latest remodels. However, it definitely seems like a MUCH better effort than Enslaved on the PS3 which ran like crap compared to the 360 version (although still enjoyable).

Computersaysno3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

So you are still coming out with arguments against my comments and you havent played it on both these platforms? I happen to HAVE played it on both.

PS3 DOES tear. Not a lot, not enough to bother anyone. Heck im pointing out here this isnt even a big deal.

360 does not.

Please dont patronise me, its a terrible mistake on your part. You claim i was overreacting when clearly i was playing these things down, thus that is an absurd, ridiculous claim from you.

As far as you know? Then i guess you do not know far enough. 360 can manage hardware AA in UE3 games if it is correctly implemented. I can see that on 360, it is implemented in this specific instance and as such edge smoothing is indeed noticeably better than PS3 here where as usual for PS3 UE3 titles, there is NO anti aliasing, at all. Again as i pointed out was per usual the same difference between many UE3 multis, again as i pointed out wasnt such a biggie.

However that still means my comment that 360 has slightly better edge smoothing than PS3 because PS3 has none at all, stands. You basically just wasted your last reply trying to argue with me and yet still pointing out i was correct. Congratulations.

Everything i said in the first post i stand by and is simply the truth, 360 here enjoys its traditional edge in UE3 multi titles, slight and marginal though it is.

livinwitbias3733d ago

CernaML can see past his fanboy goggles!

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WhiteNoise3734d ago

I thought the dialogue sounded like it would get old fast in all the preview vids, but people are saying there are a lot a anus and faeces references, you can tell it was targeted to a much younger audience than me.

I'm still getting it, but I hate that they can't throw in some real humour....ass jokes are the last resort.

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