NXT Gamer: Breach Review

NXT Gamer's Oliver reviews Breach...

"Breach is the latest first person shooter to hit the Xbox Live Marketplace, and developer Atomic Games is certainly not new to the genre after previously creating the ill-fated Six Days in Fallujah. Breach represents their latest foray into the war genre, and is a multiplayer-only, competitive shooter designed solely for the 360, incorporating not only the class-system of most modern FPS’ but also the destructibility of one of LIVE’s most popular titles, the impressive Battlefield: 1943."

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EvilNecessary3734d ago

In case you have forgotten, this is not a 60 dollar retail game. This is a Xbox Live game that will sell at a fraction of that cost. I am not quit sure why people want to compare a Xbox Live game to a 60 dollar game. This does have similarity to other FPS. But in saying so, that is where the review should stop in comparing it to bigger titles. So in my book, this game delivers exactly what Atomic was going after. Yes it might have some cons, but what game doesn't? I feel that it will be well worth the cheaper price.

lucifon3734d ago

It's interesting that this review seems largely negative then an 8/10 gets popped on there. Feels like a 6 is coming. Looking forward to trying it out though and appreciate the info.