Black Ops 1.06 Patch: What did it fix? [LIST]

Patch 1.06 for Black Ops has been live for a few hours and most gamers have received it by now, myself included. Did you notice any changes? What did it fix? After firing up a few games I found connection/hosting problems occurring less frequently than pre-patch, but no major improvement. Below is the full list of all fixes applied in the patch, taken from a thread by @JD_2020 on the official Call Of Duty forums.

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DA_SHREDDER3734d ago

Sorry, too busy playing Dead Space and DCU. But thanks.

UnwanteDreamz3734d ago

Dead Space and Mass Effect 2 for me. DCU has to wait till summer when I have more time.

SuperStrokey11233734d ago

But not so busy that you can make a useless comment right? ok just checking.

asad1973734d ago

I just logged in to click agree button for what superstrokey said.

Kon3734d ago

It is like one patch per week.

ddurand13734d ago

connection issues seem to be fixed for me. i havent been dropped from a game since the patch.

i wish theyd add more hardcore game modes.

Frenza3734d ago

My connection issues seem also to be fixed after I deleted the old update data. But I am still getting an "Data Error" after every match which is annoying because I get disconnected.

ddurand13734d ago

i dont get that. none of my roommates do either.

sickbird3734d ago

the Second Chance fix is huge, they finally get it!

UnwanteDreamz3734d ago

Second Chance – players that put an enemy into Second Chance are now credited for a full kill once that enemy dies. If another player kills the enemy while the enemy is in Second Chance, they will get assist credit.

Bout freakin time. I guess I will miss getting full kills for cleaning up second chancers but I wont miss losing kills and not even getting an assist in some cases.

Kee3734d ago

Yeah, I lose a lot of Kills thanks to second chance. Probably start playing black ops again after I platinum Mass effect 2

Buho3734d ago

Who cares? Competitive online multi-player in Black Ops is BORING. I only lasted 5 prestiges before I got bored. I only play zombies.

kornbeaner3734d ago

So boring, but was able to prestige 5 times. Yeah sounds super boring.

sickbird3734d ago

hahaha only 5 huh? thats alot of playing guy.

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