Watch A Live Show Of Dead Space 2 Tonight!

Every week the staff members of GameBlurb get together and put on a show for the viewers on upcoming games. We’ll answer questions, give our impressions and giving away plenty of GBPoints during the show.

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MicrocutsX23730d ago

Time to get myself a change in underwear.

thekillerchrist3730d ago

At least that's probably not gonna be the grossest thing happening tonight.

Kiroe3730d ago

If my copy didn't come in the mail, I will be there!

junk3d3730d ago

As usual, always love to catch a glimpse of what you guys like to say. See you tonight.

liquidxtension3730d ago

Another new crap Tuesday? Goood. I'm in.

jaidek3730d ago

Haha, new crap Tuesday. All I know is dead space 2 is anything but crap. :)

cancerenium3730d ago

will be looking forward to see it tonight.

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