Ninja Gaiden III: Saved or Ruined?

IGN: With a new creative direction comes new concerns about where Ninja Gaiden is headed. One of the series' biggest fans considers the changes.

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NYC_Gamer3728d ago

this game could be ruined for original fans of the franchise like myself

WildArmed3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Not too sure how i feel about the game.

Ninja Gaiden Black was the most fun I've had w/ NG franchise..
you know the game that made me go through 5 xbox controllers lol

I'm not too fond of the QTE take in games..
sure I loved it in GoW, but I never thought that it should be introduced in games like Ninja Gaiden/DMC -- atleast not in a regular baisis. I don't mind a QTE once in a blue moon.

Either way, i'm picking up NG3..
i loved the franchise so far, why stop now?

ABizzel13728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

I thought Sigma was the best, then Black, then the original, then Sigma 2, then NG2.

Sigma's additions and better look put it over the the others for me.

Part 2 sucked, but at least there was co-op in Sigma 2.

I think this should be a good thing. After part 2 the series is in need of a reboot.

1. Other games have caught up to their gameplay. It's time to set the bar again. I know this is a touchy subject, but think about it. They made one of the best fighting mechanics what 6 - 7 years ago. It's time for an evolution, not an upgrade.

2. Graphics. It's time for a new engine.

3. Story. It sucks, hire a writer.

4. The Camera. Fix it.

5. I want to fight ninja's, not vampires, werewolves, and Statue's of Liberty.

Everything needs to stay the same, just improved.

Darrius Cole3728d ago

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


I agree with some of this I rank the games in the same order that you do.

In order from Best to worst Sigma, Black, Hurricane Pack additions, Original, Sigma 2 than NG2. Basically every time they polish the game they make it better.

I disagree with a few of you points...

1) No other game has caught up to the game play of Sigma and Black. God of War is the closest but God of War is fundamentally different from NG and God of War is better at what it is trying to do.

2) The Graphics are as good as they can get for a Multi-plat game.

3) The story in Black/Sigma sucked. The story in NG2/NGS2 sucked worse than that.

4) The camera is not broken and does not need fixing. Let me say that again THE CAMERA DOES NOT NEED FIXING.
People may say that the camera is bad when they are at low levels. When the player gets to high levels the camera is a god-send. You have to move fast and you need a camera that can move keep up with you.

5) I don't care what I fight as long as the combat is good.

NG2 and thus NGS2 were worse than Black/Sigma because Team Ninja changed the game mechanic slightly and more importantly, the level design. The same thing that Team Ninja is talking about doing now.

gamingdroid3728d ago

I never played NG for the story... but the boobs did keep my attention!

I LOL'ed when I read this:

"To succeed, they need to tone down the melodramatic enemy speeches, the shadowy characters randomly who appear and disappear from the plot for no reason, and the boobs. No, seriously, I get it -- girls have boobs. Bouncing them in my face constantly is not unpleasant, but I can't take a game seriously that does so."

Please keep the boobies!!!

Darrius Cole3728d ago


Yeah, the person who said that was girl,...or a boy named Hilary.

ABizzel13728d ago

@Darrius Cole

1) Gameplay wise. Devil May Cry 4, Bayonetta, and God of War 3 have caught up. I would still say Ninja Gaiden is the best, but the other are right there. Last gen no one could say that. That's why I think it's time for them to do something gameplay wise to move past the others again. And with new games like Metal Gear Rising bringing new competition, they truly have their work cut out for them.

2) Crysis 2, Rage, Batman Arkham Asylum, Brink, Deus Ex, Dead Space 2, and Mass Effect are all multiplaform games. While not all of them are graphics kings they are all extremely impressive looking games. And if you want to compare a similar genre, then again Metal Gear Rising rears it's head. It's time for a new engine.

3) Every game in what I consider the big 5 has a better story than Ninja Gaiden. God of War, Ninja Theory games, Devil May Cry (most of the time), Bayonetta (decent story, bad acting, bad dialog) all have better stories than Ninja Gaiden. Ninja Gaiden's stories are awful, the acting is awful, and the dialog is awful. This is sad, because there's so much ninja lore from them to pull from, and yet they don't. If they could even move the story from awful, to decent then Ninja Gaiden would return to glory based on that alone. Story plays a large roll in games, it help with presentation and progression.

4) The camera works, until you get in close quarter spaces, then it can be a nightmare, especially on parts where you have to platform. When platforming is as hard as combat, because of the camera then you have a problem.

5) TO be honest none of us care. But it would reach the American audience better, if you were fighting ninja clans, instead of vampires and werewolves.

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gamingdroid3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

I agree with you, Ninja Gaiden died when Itagaki left. Hayashi is not the proper successor we need he kind of screwed up the changes he did to NG Sigma 2.

He removed blood then added some purple mist. Then he added some new characters that was a bore to play (marginally better than the one he added in NG Sigma 1). He changed the timing on the button presses in NGS2. Changed the way projectiles work and even added a freakin cannon. WTF? Then he screwed up the balancing of the game even more.

So the only good things he did was add in the air ultimate technique, but in the original game you likely wouldn't have time to do it! He added a co-op, which I like!

But his claim to fame (if it was his) is to add jiggling boobies with sixaxis!

Anyhow, I just started working on Mission Mode on NG2. It's been a while and it is fun! Love Ninja Gaiden!

Blaze9293728d ago

This game won't be the same. I see if it was just Itagaki who left but no, he took most of the senior and lead developers from Tesm Ninja with him. NG3, although I hope for the best since I love the franchise, will probably suck and fail hard.

Godmars2903728d ago

Only the game itself can answer that question.

RyuCloudStrife3728d ago

i agree but i definitely think its saved :)

ZombieAssassin3728d ago

I'm all for in depth story telling (something missing from NG) and even making easier difficulties to try and get more people into it (don't know why people complain there will still be hard difficulties in the game). I just don't want the gameplay to change all that much, I've really enjoyed NG1&2 because of the kinda old fashioned feel of a hack n slash. Either way though I'm sure i'll be picking it up.

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