GT Release Calendar - Games of February

The jam-packed month of February brings us a mix of games for everyone and every console!

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EL1TE3728d ago

2012 is here! I'm going bankrupt! :(

- Killzone 3
- Bulletstorm
- TDU2 (Still need to think better about this one)

Goodbye social life. :|

*brain explodes*

MGRogue20173728d ago

hehe.. Just TDU2 & Killzone 3 for me. :)

hellzsupernova3728d ago

just Killzone 3 for me thanks

Az1mov3728d ago

Helghast Edition yeahhh! I have to travel the next day though, shit! :(

redwolf3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

killzone 3 is all that matters come next month

Raendom3728d ago

January went really fast thanks to LBP2/ME2. :D

jootca3728d ago

Don't forget Dead Space 2

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