Motorstorm Screenshots and Renders.

Here's some new Screenshots and renders of Motorstorm. Realtime Screenies are at the bottom, Renders at the top.

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specialguest5379d ago

**waiting for kewlkat007 to make a comment about CGI crap**

chocobo trap is set.

kewlkat007 arriving in 5...4...3...2...

DJ5379d ago

So much detail. So...dirty! But in a pretty way. Is it just me or is that a garbage truck?! I am so gonna run over fools with that sucker. =P

FordGTGuy5379d ago

but not great and far away from the graphics of the cgi trailer from E3!

360lagman5379d ago

looking nice
100% real next gen
PGR3 is a joke only updated graphics

FordGTGuy5379d ago

PGR3 is a joke? 120k polygon car models is a joke? When is that last time you played the game I thinkg you should play it again sometime.

kewlkat0075379d ago (Edited 5379d ago )

I'll stay away from this one, Looks like FordGTGuy got it right..then again I'm not sure why I'm not excited. Probally cause this would not be "DA GAME" to make me purcahse a PS3 one at launch.

I heard this is single player also..maybe the online will be fun. Whatever Sony is cooking behind the scenes.