Modern Warfare 2 Online Play Crippled by PS3 Security Breach

One of the biggest fears shared amongst PlayStation 3 owners, after the console’s massive security breach several days ago, was that wannabe hackers would exploit this weakness, and use it for their own gain to cheat and modify games online. It didn’t take long for these fears to manifest themselves as reality, and now one of the most popular online shooters around has been brought to its knees.

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BigWoopMagazine3736d ago

And this is precisely why I don’t care if you intend to pirate or not – if you’re hacking the system, you’re pissing me off. Once this trickles into games I like such as BFBC2 and RDR it’s gonna really get me riled up. What’s the point in playing using an aim-bot and other cheat crap like that? It kills the fun, flat out. We had it good, free online support, reliable service, regular updates, but nooooo, that wasn’t good enough. Ahhhh… thank god some devs still believe in making a good single player game – there’s no point in competing to see who the better cheater is.

NJShadow3736d ago

Yeah. Citing the PSP, I think that was a system where many were willing to lose the ability to play online since it was, of course, the PSP. The PS3... not so much, so this really does suck.

Istanbull3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

WHERE were this articles back in 2009?? The hacks have been there the month MW2 got released!

The game just got more cheaters with the security breach.

I hope Sony bans and bricks people using cfw. Show no mercy!

WildArmed3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )


LoL, it gives them another chance to play Sony for their lack of security in MW2.
Because when people hacked, it was ok..
now since the PS3 is hacked, every1 can start pointing fingers @ Sony :)

I mean people talk as if CoD4 didn't have hacks back in '08.. b4 the jail break.

Jailbreak just made it easier 4 10 year olds to hack game.. well kodus to the dumass hackers out there..
You definitely made console gaming a better place

MWong3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Agreed w/BigWoopMagazine

The entire situation is getting annoying. I keep thinking DreamCast here we go again. I knew it was going to be hacked, but not to this level. The thing that I really find funny is that I keep reading articles saying they only wanted to bring back previously removed features. I still don't see those features.

Istanbull3736d ago

Why bring up the Dreamcast? I know some butthurt fangirls tried to downplay the PS3 and called it a disaster like the Dreamcast back in 2007.

The truth is, Dreamcast is a better console than both of the xboxs.

FailOverHero3736d ago

Xbox? Lol lashing out cos you're angry and frustrated huh? Understandable

lil Titan3736d ago

Next article im hoping for "Sony Strikes BACK!!! Angry banned gamers cry"

xAlmostPro3735d ago

It was full of hacks before the breach or the jailbreak. The jailbreak just made it more accessible to people who aren't actually hackers, so they could just copy & paste the code and install..

get off of the bandwagon :L

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RonXD3736d ago

Lol the game has been crippled since it came out...

MGRogue20173736d ago

FFS, How many more articles do we need on here about this?!?!

dragonyght3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Modern Warfare 2 Online Play Crippled by PS3 Security Breach? lol its funny how its only activision games that is affected by this i mean there lots of other multiplayer games on the ps3 im sensing shit of blames here

FailOverHero3736d ago

Modern Combat, the 8 buck CoD lite game has also been hacked...I don't see Activision's logo on that...

dragonyght3736d ago

so you comparing activision to gameloft a small time game dev whos backlog been iphone games nice 1 FailOverHero you just prove how incompetent they are

InTheLab3736d ago

Played all day last night with no problems. The only hack I've seen was posted on this site...

dukenukemisyourgod3736d ago

call of duty black ops is still better than crysis 2.

no multiplayer bots in crysis 2 fail.

plus no prone crawl or leaning like call of duty black ops on pc

dukenukemisyourgod3736d ago

crysis 1 multiplayer u can prone crawl crysis 2 u cant.


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