The Wii and 3DS to Share Multi-Platform Games

The 2011 Wii release schedule is pretty barren as far as third party games are concerned, but what if 3DS and Wii multi-platform games become a trend?

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pcz3736d ago

I thought of this a few days ago. hopefully for us wii owners it will be the case. we need all the games we can get this year, with zelda the only game on the release schedule

Titanz3735d ago

Developers would be increasing their sales, while Wii gamers get to experience more 3rd party titles(win-win).

seraphcaeli3735d ago

So I have a reason to play Wii again? :-p

matey3735d ago

Ninty can basically demand ports from 3DS to Wii as they cost next to nothing i think most 3DS games that sell well will be ported to Wii i think Mercenaries with IR would be the definitive version plus more sales win win i want to see 3DS/Wii cross platform just like we see 360/ps3