onPause: Two Worlds II Review

onPause Writes: "So, I'm not sure where to begin. I wish everything was all peaches and cream for Two Worlds II, but it isn't. Looking all over the internet, I've noticed people raving on and on about how awful Two Worlds I was, and how this title has completely made up for that. Unfortunately, I never played Two Worlds I. So I don't get to judge the "improvement" of this sequel. All I can say is that Two Worlds II is still in need of improvement in my book. While some aspects of the game caught my attention greatly, they were quickly dashed by quirky mishaps, buggy situations, or repetitive strategy."

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1ben23734d ago

the review score is 8.5 not 5.5

dragunrising3734d ago

I was going to report the story but N4G doesn't let "trainees" report anything any longer lol.

I looked at the score and was like.."great, another subpar Two Worlds 2 score." Glad I looked at the comments as I've been on the fence about this game. I need something to tide me over till Syrim :-p

I hope there is a demo in the near future for this game. After I played the demo for the prequel I knew I didn't have the patience for the lack of polish and glitches. It seems Two World 2 has improved in both of those areas as well as (and most importantly) game play. If they don't release a demo, I will have to pass. I already have Dragon Age 2 preordered and plan on getting DC Universe Online.

aPerson3734d ago

The score is 8.5/10... What the hell, N4G?

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Iancranium3734d ago

Sad face, it's like the article was hacked "Even the blurb" is contrary booooo