February Pre-order Specials on Amazon

It’s that time again when GoozerNation scopes out the best pre-order specials from Amazon. We weeded out the good from the bad and present to you the best pre-order specials that we could find. Two of February’s games have the $10 credit offer and then there’s Bulletstorm and Killzone 3 that up the ante.

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Rezka3728d ago

I know i'm a off topic but killzone and gears of war are like brothers :D

TheLastGuardian3728d ago

Killzone and Resistance are like brothers.

DrRichtofen3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

^^ and gears is the ugly cousin that no one wants to talk to.

ReservoirDog3163728d ago

Killzone's good. Resistance is good. Gears is good...

Legionaire20053728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Fact!!! Gears of War and Resistance series release around the same time as each other!!! I guess both game studio has been spying on each other lol!!! Its really true. Gears of War and resistance part 1 release 2006, Gears and Resistance part 2 release 2008, and now Gears and Resistance part 3 is coming out this fall most likely in September for both. Both storylines are very similar with the doomsday for mankind concept where in part 3 both have the alien side at a huge advantage. Resistance and Gears are brothers lol!!!

DoomeDx3728d ago

^Killzone is great, resistance is good, and Gears is good

offdawall3728d ago

i cant wait any longer i want KZ3 NOW !!!!

kube003728d ago

Killzone 3, for the month of Feb-March I'm going to be a hermit

KingDustero3728d ago

Wow what the heck Amazon.

Why does Lego Star wars get $10 credit, but KZ3 doesn't? It is quite annoying some of these bigger games don't come with any credit, but smaller ones do.

I really hope they do announce at least $10 credit with KZ3. There's almost a month left still and LBP2 got $20 credit announced two days before release.

JimmyJames703728d ago

Stay tuned to GoozerNation, I'll keep an eye on any new developments.

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