What Makes a Zelda Game?

Over the past two years Zelda Informer has written somewhat of an impromptu six-part article series. What series is that you ask? Well, everybody's favorite 'The Legend of Zelda doesn't need this and that' series. Okay, so it's not everyone's favorite. Quite the opposite really. It has has been controversial and stirred up mixed, and passionate, emotions. Many readers hated them and wondered how such content could come from a Zelda fan site. Some readers did enjoy them for what they were, which is great. But what were they exactly? They ranged from structured arguments, to humorous, to plain fanboy-having a cry style. The series is over now, leaving the question 'what actually does make a Zelda game then'?

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Zydake3734d ago

Well usually it begins with a courageous boy that starts out to find or protect someone. That someone give the boy an important item. Then the rest is magic.

Warrior of Time WOOOOOO

GodsHand3734d ago

Zelda, would need to be there I think.

femshep3734d ago

an annoying fairy that follows you and screams HEY LESION in you ear? =D

WhiteNoise3734d ago

The fact that is has stayed true to it's roots for 20 years and has not added in achievements for getting 500 rupies etc, lol @ achievements/trophies.

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