Preview: Homefront Multiplayer - Everything You Need to Know

"The 2011 Gamer’s Week from THQ went out with a bang last week with the final day being dedicated entirely to Kaos Studio’s upcoming shooter Homefront. We already know plenty about the game’s single player campaign, what we didn’t know was how the multiplayer was going to play out. At the event, we had the chance to play the game for literally hours and both François and myself were enjoying our time spent with it, and that’s also when we caught up with Richard Corillo, who just so happens to be the guy behind the multiplayer component of the game. Check out our interview with him and find out everything you need to know about Homefront‘s multiplayer component!"

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JohnColaw3736d ago

This game is looking really interesting. I think it actually has a chance at succeeding as a long-stay in the multiplayer market, which is kind of tough to do these days.
Looking very forward to this one.

thevokillist3736d ago

Seriously, this game looks great. Awesome interview!

Chadness3736d ago

Interesting chat, I hope it doesn't die with Blops in the market, which seems to be the only FPS people play online these days....

JoelT3736d ago

Hopefully it gets a robust community its the only way it can compete with any major FPS.

artdafoo3736d ago

COD with tanks, whoopie