Reggie: Kid Icarus, Zelda and Mario Kart will launch "after E3"

GamerZines writes: "Nintendo of American president Reggie Fils-Aime has told gamers not to expect to see titles like Kid Icarus: Uprising, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Mario Kart 3DS hit shelves until after E3 2011 in June."

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Zydake3730d ago

dam i thought it was a release title i hope MGS3 is

Warprincess1163730d ago

So you would think that since nintendo made the 3ds and had a head start in the developement time. You would think these games would have been launch titles.

na-no-nai3729d ago

Maybe they giving some time to 3rd party games to sell before Nintendo actually release some big name games

TruthbeTold3729d ago

No offense to Nintendogs, but I'm not interested in owning that title. I'm also not purchasing a submarine game before I get a chance to play it and see if I like it.

While I understand that they are trying to give other publishers a chance to shine at release, personally, all I'm truly interested in day one is Super Street Fighter 4, which is another that I'll have to confirm works well for me to buy. I definitely want this thing, but it's getting a bit disheartening.

I already foolishly went through the 'buying games I'm not really interested in because there's nothing else available yet' thing with the Wii. It's not going to happen again. You'd think that they'd at least have a remake or two available...

Also, this worries me regarding 'Skyward Sword'. They are going to release both it, and Ocarina of Time 3D in the second half of the year? I realize that they are on different consoles, but it's still worrisome.