Knights Contract Goes Gold

GameDynamo - "Namco Bandai Games announced today that Knights Contract, their 17th century-based, swords and sorcery action-adventure game, has gone gold and will hit North American retail shelves on time (February 22, 2011)..."

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xino3729d ago

that's crazy man!

No adverts on the game!? it's as if the game would fail man.

unless the game have that much unlocks,
because of no multiplayer:/

I'll still get it! but where are the adverts man

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

andron3729d ago

There are a lot of these fantasy co-op games coming out now...

Simon_Brezhnev3729d ago

yeah but none with no online co-op not that i dont mind it just dont make sense lol. I'll probably get this game when its on sale.