Hackers Leave Companies with One Choice: Online Gaming Subscriptions

To some, Geohot is a hero but to those with foresight, people like him are the biggest reason why games will literally be taken out of our possession. Sony’s attempts at legal restitution failed simply because the console physically belonged to Geohot once he bought it. But rest assured, Sony pursued legal actions to send a message to all gamers…”you have pushed us too far.”

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Miiikeyyy3734d ago

Hackers ruining gaming even more...

Dante1123734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

"Should Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo care about “net neutrality” especially when growing numbers of gamers currently hack their consoles and pirate their games?Absolutely not. These companies are here to make money and unfortunately, the current model has proved troubling. Hackers may be the victors now but their arrogance will cost all of us a heavy price. Soon we will have no legal recourse, no ownership, and no control over how much we can play."

Boo! The "bad" hackers messed it up for everyone.

Miiikeyyy3734d ago

hope Sony ban everyone who's hacking, they deserve it

DA_SHREDDER3734d ago

If you have 3-G, then you wouldn't have to worry about never having the internet unless the satellite blows up, then you would not have internet anyways. It really isn't that big of a deal if the ps4 is a handheld. I've been saying it for years that was what the model was gonna be. All I got were disagree's. Oh well. I rather have it this way and prices be cheaper for everything, in the long run, it was for the best.

evrfighter3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

hackers ruining online gaming?

sorry but hackers have been around since the dawn of online gaming. They are a group you will have to live with. PC gaming evolved into dedicated servers which then evolved to fully controlled and moderated servers.

It's always been up to us to keep online gaming fun. If online console gaming is changing for the worse, it's because corporate says so. Now be a good little sheep and buy into it some more so that they can justify charging you to play online.

Cenobia3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )


"If you have 3-G, then you wouldn't have to worry about never having the internet"

I do not think this is an option. Have you ever tried buying a mobile internet card from any company? They all have like a 60MB cap (or something ridiculously small I don't remember the number). They are also slow as sh!t. I have never seen a mobile device that is capable of any kind of graphics intensive mobile multiplayer gaming.

You are talking about global wi-fi which I don't think we'll see before I finally get a fudgin hard line run up to my house. 3G and 4G are marketing bullsh!t. I don't think there is a single company that provides a "4G" service that didn't just decide on their own (read: make up) what 4G is supposed to mean.

I have satellite internet and the latency is way too huge for any real multiplayer experience. We'll see On-Live take off before everyone turns to global WiFi.

The size of the device you are proposing also limits the technology. Sure we could have a mobile device that matches the PS3 now, but we could also have a device the size of a PS3 that absolutely destroys both devices.

badz1493733d ago

I'll curse all the douchebags for the rest of my life!

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LunaticBrandon3734d ago

Yeah but the way companies handle it is no better. Hackers are still enjoying their games while consumers are the people getting fucked.

MintBerryCrunch3734d ago

you just described the movie have to deal with 10 minutes worth of FBI warnings and previews with a legit copy, yet a ripped movie has great quality and the one thing you are looking for: The Movie

WhiteNoise3734d ago


Actually the only reason I bought the following games.

Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Mirrors Edge, Dead Space, Crysis, Crysis Warhead, Farcry 2, Red Alert 3 etc etc

was because there was cracks available. I don't go online to register games I paid for. You don't call up for an activate code for your car when you want to drive it, having to register online or bow to insane illegal EULA's is B.S.

Hackers are keeping gaming going. Pirates are also probably the only reason why games are not even more expensive. With a free alternative available they need to make games appear to have more value ( they are not doing a very good job...but still... )

Pirates or hackers or not, they are still going to make you have to register for PSN ( for which you have to agree to TOS ) so you can patch games THAT YOU PAYED FULL RRP FOR; that do not work on day 1.

There is only one way around that kind of monopolisation, open the platform up and work around their restrictions.

DongHungLong3734d ago

"You don't call up for an activate code for your car when you want to drive it"

That line is so old and is a stupid comparison. Vehicles are physical objects. Video games are not physical objects. And no just because you bought it on a disk doesn't make the game itself physical.

It doesn't matter what you say, its doing nothing but hurt legit gamers.

And if you weren't such a block-head you would realize that your need to crack games to avoid registration spawned from the need to keep pirates from... OMG ARE YOU READY??? stealing games...

palaeomerus3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

" Vehicles are physical objects. Video games are not physical objects."

A lame excuse to "sell" us non-property as though it were property but then treat it as non-property after the sale. Software is supposedly "magic beans" that don't work like other forms of property which is why it needs it's own silly set of new property laws that just happen to screw the consumer.

" It doesn't matter what you say, its doing nothing but hurt legit gamers. "

No, PUBLISHERS are hurting legit gamers and using pirates as their lame excuse to do it. Sadly they are not hurting the pirates. The pirates still pirate.

" And if you weren't such a block-head you would realize that your need to crack games to avoid registration spawned from the need to keep pirates from... OMG ARE YOU READY??? stealing games..."

And if YOU weren't such a blockhead you'd realize that the presence of those cracks indicates that REGISTRATION DOES NOT STOP PIRATES FROM STEALING ANYTHING AT ALL. It just inconveniences the legitimate customer so much that he sometimes looks for a pirate's crack to play a legitimately bought game without experiencing the "needed" inconvenience or JUST DOESN"T BUY THE DAMNED GAME AT ALL.

It's not a solution for ANYTHING. It's just a bad and stupid reaction from publishers that harms their customers without harming pirates it's supposedly targeting.

Kran3734d ago


Boo Geohot >:(

Bloodraid3734d ago

Please learn what you're talking about before doing so.

Kran3734d ago

Frankly I know what Im talking about.

Miiikeyyy3734d ago

He knows what hes talking about, Geohot is pretty much to blame for most of the ps3 hacking

Bloodraid3733d ago

Uhh; no. Fail0verflow did a majority of the hacking, not Geo. And don't blame them for this kind of shit; blame the people who are actually using this to gain an unfair advantage. Bloody idiots.

Octo13734d ago

Hope it does not come to this but when push comes to shove.

TANUKI3734d ago

Is this similar to the online pass thing (ala Dead Space 2)?

WhiteNoise3734d ago

What a load of crap.

They have online gaming subscriptions and DLC so they can rip people off even more.

Let's do the 'value for money' maths.

Last gen a $60 game would have got you 20hrs of SP gaming as well as offline/co-op MP with bots as well as potentially online.

Now games are 6-8hrs with online only MP with map packs to ensure you have to buy them to stay active with the MP...

Hackers are always the scapegoat, but not the reason.

WITH online DRM piracy is at all all time high, it does not stop piracy.

I could go right now and grab any MMO I want from a torrent site and play on a private or pirate server ( or ever offline with a server emulator or over LAN ). The fickle masses will keep handing their money over no matter what and they will continue to blame the few people who AREN'T STUPID ENOUGH TO PAY FOR CRAP.

For the 'reason' why the many have to suffer.

If gaming goes online only then I will pirate all my games.

There is no 'chicken or the egg' argument, DRM discourages purchases.

wollie3734d ago

i was coming in here to say the same thing. Hackers will ALWAYS find a way. The only way to beat hackers to to start pricing games reasonably like what they are doing on steam with their really awesome sales.

charging more (via online subs) will only increase piracy. Lower prices not higher will end piracy.

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