This Weekly in the DC Universe - #1: Controls + Interface Analysis

PI writes, "Well I have had a few days now in the Universe to get acquainted with some of the heroes as well as quite a few villains. From what I have been experiencing I can tell you that I am hooked. This comes as a pleasant surprise to me seeing that in the past I was not much of an MMO fan until this title hit my console....

...I hope you enjoy the first installment of This Week in the DC Universe. I will be bringing more from the MMO everybody is talking about from week to week and appreciate any feedback that comes in. Let me know what it is you want to see and hear about in next week's edition."

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NewMonday3734d ago

how do i "shout" in the PS3 game?

watchyourback3734d ago

Definitely one of the better MMO games out there....

Hitman07693734d ago

This game is really good and to see a console MMO with an action gameplay style is great, let's me know we will be seeing a new breed of MMO.

I'm thinking weekly guides of this game from reviewers like this will get deeper and deeper each week.

9thGenHero3734d ago

I felt the same way, very hesitant going in, but now I'm hooked also, I can see myself playing this kind of MMO because it's catered to console gamers, I enjoy playing with a controller as opposed to a keyboard and mouse.

MaroonersRock3734d ago

Hopefully DCUO is properly embraced by MMO and action fans alike. It will be a shame if it becomes a failure because it has a lot of potential.

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The story is too old to be commented.