Skyward Sword is the Turning Point in the Zelda Series

Nintendo has finally heard out cries and is responding properly. Skyward Sword is looking to be the answer to all of our prayers in regards to the Zelda series.

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johnthe5th3734d ago

PLEASE stop torturing me! Now I want to play through all my Zelda games again...

LegendZelda3734d ago

Amen man. Its looking to be a great year for zelda. I been getting all my old games out to replay

dragunrising3733d ago

Haha, the article made me want to start up Majora's Mask. Haven't played that one in a while.

I was going to replay Ocarina of Time last year however, there was all the speculation concerning the 3DS and whether the game that was shown was a tech demo or re-release. Glad a waited. Ocarina of Time 3DS looks nice.

LegendZelda3733d ago

They sadly just announced oot 3ds wont come until after e3 though :(

dragunrising3732d ago

I suppose there is always an upside to this news...right? Right? Noooo...:-(

KruLLit3734d ago

I don't mind the old Zelda formula, but a new one could even be better

AWBrawler3734d ago

I see a combination of Zelda and Monster Hunter.
Imagine a boss battle outdoors, kind of how The King Ludroth just pops up on you on Monster Hunter Tri.
I would love that

LegendZelda3734d ago

That would be awesome. Kind of like shadow of collosus too. Just epic fights out of nowhere in the open field

pcz3733d ago

the game is 50percent complete. how can it come out this year?

ChickeyCantor3733d ago

50 percent of what?
If the main mechanics are done, the only thing left is to fill up the levels and gamelogic (switch cases)

pcz3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

its still 50percent. they are halfway there. if the first half took 3 years, why will the second half only be a few months?

if you draw a picture in black and white and then say its 50 percent complete because you still have to colour it, one would assume it would take the same amount of time the first 50percent took.

if the first half takes 3 years, then the second half should too. if the second 'half' takes only a fraction of the time it took the first, then thats not really 'half way' is it.

if you have a development time from beginning to end taking 3 years, then you would expect to be half way through 1 and a half years into production, not half way through just months before completion!

so i dont see how zelda will hit the shelves this year if it is only 'half way' through production.

ChickeyCantor3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

that 50 could mean anything.
3 years could mean:
redesigning the game mechanics.
Going back to the drawing board.
etc etc.

That 50 sounds like the base of the mechanics.
The other 50 must be characters, levels, items etc etc.
And those things take shorter than creating the fundamental basis for your game.

And while he said "50%", the development team was already ahead of him. I mean they dont take big breaks or something.

Mind you, a year of development time is a lot.
He said 50% at E3

pcz3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

ha 50% doesnt just mean anything, it means half.

we are talking about the development of a game here, so when they started the project it was totally incomplete -0%. when they finish the game it will be 100% complete. so 50 percent can only mean one thing, no matter how you look at it, they are half way through production. they still have 50percent of the work to do.

yes i also heard them say it was 50percent complete at e3, but journalists have been posting that same figure even recently- on Nintendo official magazine for example.


that was in very late december, and they use the term 'half complete' ... basically half incomplete too. its almost february now so i doubt we will be seeing this game until christmas, if we are lucky. remember at e3 they told us zelda would have an early 2011 release?


so much for that.

and this is shit really because there is nothing else on the release schedule. nothings announced anyway. lets not forget that nintendo is pushing the 3ds now, and will want to make that a success, so 3ds projects will be their priority. they wont be selling skyward sword and ocarina of time together will they.. no! and even ocarina of time has been pushed back. so its obvious skyward sword will be delayed again too. they wont have two big zelda games competing against eachother, they will want both titles to sell to their full potential, so i think its safe to assume skyward sword will come months after ocarina.

ChickeyCantor3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

You actually keep holding on the 50% as if its by definition exactly half of the production. Where the second half would take as long.

You can divide development in different segments.
Just because the first half takes some years doesnt mean the second half will take as long.

They never announce stuff UNTIL the very end. They have done this before a couple of times already with different games.

My prediction is that they will release it Q4. At least AFTER E3.

But it will certainly release this year unless Nintendo is pulling another Twilight princess or they suddenly decide to connect it with the 3DS.

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LegendZelda3733d ago

Note they did say the game was more than 50%. So that could be anything. Could be 99% done. I am sure they could be attempting to keep hype under control since they failed hard with twilight princess