Final Fantasy Creator - Sakaguchi: "RPGs need a change"

In the new Iwata Ask, Hironobu Sakaguchi has been talking with the president of Nintendo and Tetsuya Takahashi, both creative coincided that JRPG need a change.

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Stealth20k3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

LOL so they are going to put a google translation> ok

What they actually said is jrpgs tend to use some of the same conventions so maybe they want to change somethings or put it in a different way.

Considering last story has been critically aclaimed. What needs to change who knows

MintBerryCrunch3739d ago

how about dropping the bombshell of bringing Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger to this generation of want to reinvent the JRPG....why not do it with some of the best JRPGS in videogame history

evrfighter3739d ago

"you want to reinvent the JRPG....why not do it with some of the best JRPGS in videogame history"

so according to you reinventing JRPG's is done with remakes?


MintBerryCrunch3739d ago

it would be better than the numerous FF its a hypothetical situation...devs talk up the idea if bringing something new, yet today's JRPGS have trouble doing what those games did years ago...and im not speaking of remakes, but full fledged sequels...those classics shouldnt be touched, they are great just the way they are

Millah3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

I remember after Lost Odyssey came out how he said he "would not be swayed by fads" in regards to real-time RPGs and getting rid of turn based RPGs.

I still love turn based, and I'm sure millions of JRPG fans still do as well. The problem isn't JRPGs needing an overhaul....the problem is just needing the same quality and passion for making a stellar traditional JRPG up to snuff with the old school greats.

Firstkn1ghT3740d ago

How about you stop wasting your time on these interviews and get to work on a sequel to Lost Odyssey.

ShinMaster3740d ago

Lost Odyssey was average and brought nothing new.

LightofDarkness3740d ago

This guy knows it. Plus, the Last Story looks like a real breath of fresh air for JRPGs. Perhaps even the Japanese industry in general. It seems genuinely mature, somehow.

x5exotic3740d ago


zeal0us3740d ago

Even though I love the idea of getting rid of turn based but to get rid of it would mean getting rid of the foundation for rpg's. Its something that you can't just get rid of and expect everyone to comply with it.
----------------------------- --------------------
I do believe JRPGs need a change but you got to admit FF/SE have done there best to implement changes to JRPGs more than any company out there.

I don't think turning a JRPG into a ARPG (oblivion, mass effect, fable and etc) is the change they are looking for or talking about none the less. If they(Japan) was to innovate aprg styles completely it be killing off their own culture sorta in a way.

DA_SHREDDER3740d ago

Exterminate what makes an rpg great? I remember the days when playing rpg's had good turn based systems, twas a long time ago.

x5exotic3739d ago

its what makes gameplay suck
but i agree with zealous some people will still love ,but people like ME who were like 5 years old at that time didnt experience TB
and cuz of that i dont see the point of killing the action with TB :S

TANUKI3739d ago

I'll get a bunch of disagrees, but hell no! I love turned based RPGs... there's just a certain charm to them. I don't mind the occasional action based RPG... but to get rid of turn based completely is just wrong.


Keep turn based alive!
Look back while thinking forward.

Admiratio3739d ago

I agree, I'd give almost anything to have a good turn-based RPG again.

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