MLB 11: The Show Gets One-Button Mode For Disabled Gamers

PushSquare: "Sony's added a one-button gameplay mode to upcoming baseball title, MLB 11: The Show, at the request of 25-year old cerebal palsy patient, Hans Smith. According to the report, the new gameplay mode will allow gamers with disabilities to throw the ball or swing the bat with a single push of a button. May we nominate Square?"

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SuperKing3731d ago

That's pretty cool of them to do that. Maybe they can put in gameplay recording features and full weather effects?

gemc6663731d ago

the game already have rainning and snow effects, and mlb 10 already had the sun-tonight effect

and i don't know what you mean by gameplay recording features? you can save your replay in the XMB on mp4 format on mlb 10 the show

SuperKing3731d ago

really? Then disregard my comment then.

NateCole3731d ago

This is not new. I mean Sony san helping out handicapped kids. This is what happend last year. I was so moved that i bought MLB 10 just because of this even though i don't know anything about baseball lol!

drewboy7043731d ago

Thats amazing, I'm not sure how well it'll work but its a great idea

hellzsupernova3731d ago

thats really considerate of Sony. seems like they actually care for their gamers

HungryGoku3731d ago

Of course Sony cares this proves it.

Redlogic3731d ago

fantastic news..its a great game and everyone should get to play it.

Psychotica3731d ago

That's great news, I hope he enjoys the game.

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