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Miiikeyyy3730d ago

jesus...hope people don't buy this shit :/

DarkSpawnClone3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

5 ALL-NEW MAPS!!....that should of been in the game to start with,ahh good ole avti bobby kotick loves your money long time.i will admit that zombie map has me a little interested,they need to just make a game based off nazi zombies only thing cod is good for now a days.

plb3729d ago

Don't worry, they will.

--------3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

I couldn't agree more. But still, the poor b*stards will spend their hard earned cash on this ridiculous DLC. If you're a PS3 gamer and you buy the DLC for your broken copy of Black Ops, I feel sorry for you. I hate to be so critical, but lord knows the PS3 version of this game deserves more than enough hate, including the developers who 'created' it.

*Bring on the Disagrees from the fan-boys*

xAlmostPro3729d ago

the only map that appeals to me is the zombie one :) zombies & wager matches are the only things i play on black ops

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luke12345673730d ago

I could not agree more MYK1992...I hate how these companies get away with charging us ridiculous amounts of money for what is essentially our property...

Major Kanimo3729d ago

blah blah blah they charge us too much..if you actually play black ops and buy the mappack you will get your moneys worth but if u dont like it then dont buy it..its not difficult

Major Kanimo3729d ago

some buddy callll da waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulanceeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeee

Der_Kommandant3729d ago

I just saw new Killzone 3 gameplay :D

theonlylolking3729d ago

same here and this game just does not look good after seeing KZ3

plb3729d ago

Sadly MW2 looks/plays better than Black Ops

DarkSpawnClone3729d ago

me too!! Killzone 3 looks awesome i keep going back and watching it every time i go on my computer :D

GaMe013729d ago

I love cod and have $15.00 to spare I mean it's going to give me variety already have 6 days played .

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