GameFront: Dead Space 2 Review

Welcome back to Isaac Clark and his Necromorph foes. Dead Space 2 offers the best support for Post-Life Abortion ever!

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dukenukemisyourgod2875d ago

pm_thirdperson 1

type that in doom3 console and u got a superior third person horror game.

Mista T2875d ago

I say this e3 we might get a little teaser maybe :)

BLow2875d ago

Just curious, if you go out and buy the PS3 version does it come with Extraction or do you have to buy the collectors edition.

teedogg802875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

It comes with every copy. I've been playing it with my Move controller and it's great. Best game I've played with Move so far.

EvilNecessary2875d ago

I was led to believe that every copy for the PS3 came with Extraction.