The Worst Game Of The Decade

The end of 2010 marked 10 years of great gaming. We have seen new consoles, new ways to game with your friends and even new game genres. Unfortunately, not everything has been this good. Here is a steaming pile of donkey crap that is broken in just about every way. I pray that no one actually bought this piece of garbage.

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Brewski0072875d ago

You're Winner !!
Can't believe activision published this....
wait... yes i can... anything to make a buck.

wizzle522875d ago

Published by activision


Says it all really

mrv3212875d ago

The QA team from this game went on to work with Black Ops.

arizona-techgeek2876d ago

I wish GT5 was like that for the licenses.

STiRacer2875d ago

This game is really horrible.

Ducky2875d ago

Who didn't see that coming?
Honestly? O.o

spektical2875d ago

i dont know rogue warrior was horrible, i felt bad for my friend who bought it.

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The story is too old to be commented.