Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition (PS3) unboxed photos

See 20+ pictures of what is included in the PS3 Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition, including the Plasma Cutter!

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offdawall3730d ago

thats a cool buy ... GO PS3

CherryLu-Chan3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Not in the EU it's not.
No plasma cutter [on PS3]. O_o

I can't stress enough how jealous I am that the US has this.

Just 360 & PC here.

zireno3730d ago

My plasma cutter doesn't work :(!! when I pull the trigger the lights don't work u_u!! I hope it's just the batteries, I'll open it tonight to see if that's the problem.

AntoineDcoolette3729d ago

TBH I'm kinda bummed I actually bought this. The plasma cutter is a cheap ass chinese made toy, you only get 1 art cell, and I could have easily downloaded the sound track : / I'd have been better off getting the limited edition + a $20 sac rather than the collector's edition. I was actually happier with the art book pre-order bonus from gamestop with the first Dead Space than this crap.

DeleteThisxx3730d ago

I WAS gonna buy the collector's edition until I saw how crappy the plasma cutter was. I quickly canceled my pre-order and bought the LE instead.

DeleteThisxx3730d ago


Enjoy your toy gun that's smaller than a DS game. Oh, and that "lithograph" aka Postcard

dukenukemisyourgod3730d ago

no jump=shit game.

duke nukem zerohour on n64 is better than this piece of shit.

dukenukemisyourgod3730d ago

this game's so fuckin slow and shitty level design that no jumping non vertical design it creates and the enemy's are fuckin cheesy.

Eiffel3730d ago

I got my CE from amazon today, it's pretty nice.

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