Pachter's complete, 'researched' response to Gamers' Voice controversy

Analyst slams consumer group in new statement over "unfinished" Black Ops

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Pixelated_Army3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Patcher is nothing but a f**king lap dog. His statements shows just how concerned he is about gamers and the community.

"and argued that the release of buggy games is neither rare nor unacceptable."

Go f**k yourself Patcher!

velocitygamer3736d ago

Oh no need to censor it. Feel free to say it out loud, as long as it's against patcher!

Meanwhile, shut the fuck up with your bullshit pacther!

gamingdroid3736d ago

In case you didn't notice, Pacther makes a very good argument:

"According to Activision figures from December, over 600 million hours were logged playing Black Ops between November 9 and December 21, so some people must have been able to play the game (the math works out to around 10 million people playing 10 hours a week for six weeks), suggesting that the bugs didn't get in the way of people's ability to enjoy the experience."

Clearly the game is playable for the vast majority. Gamers Voice do sound like a crybaby and they should follow Pacthers advice:

"A more effective approach would be to get members to boycott the offending product, or to engage members in a letter writing campaign."

Boycott works very well, and mudslinging campaigns also work well. Appealing to regulators is laughable!

I appreciate that they are trying, but grow up first because you are making us gamers look bad.

Urahara3736d ago

I wish I could be an analyst like Patcher. To be wrong 80% to 90% of the time and not now what I'm talking about and yet, get paid good money for it- that's the life. If say the Tends Research Institute were to have a track record like Pachter, they'd be out of business right now.

Dugstar3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

The man is a disease with in the Gaming business / community .. simply put.

The fact he keeps issuing these stupid statements spouting nothing but utter bullshit makes my piss boil .

I for one agree with this Gamers Voice stance on the whole Black Ops bollox that was released back in Nov as it seems they have took the time to complain about it .. suppose someone has to I guess ..

Captain Tuttle3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

oh forget it

Gamer_Z3736d ago

What do Log hours have to do with the games performance? Just because people are playing BO does not mean BO isn’t broken, I play games that are broken all the time knowing full well that they are, but i still enjoy myself. My point is that just because you enjoy something does not mean it’s not broken. Not only that but people that don’t know anything about video games (the casuals) don’t pick up on these things, how would they tell if a game is broken or not, it’s like someone asking me if I knew the difference between a great work of art and another painting, I wouldn’t know the difference.

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