Crysis 2: Some new direct feed screenshots and gameplay

You can see some new direct feed screenshots of the Multiplayer Demo of Crysis 2 for Xbox 360 as well as some new gameplay videos of a match in the XBOX 360, hopefully you will like it.

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GothicFighter3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )


Ryudo3734d ago

Yep first two comments of the thread wasted with uttely pointlessly comments like "." and "agree"...

On topic am sure both of them videos have already been approved. Although the screen shots in the link are new I think and fairly awesome.

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WhiteNoise3734d ago

Graphics look amazing gameplay looks generic. If you buy Crysis 2, it should be for the SP.

WhiteNoise3734d ago

I'm a PC gamer you friggin retard...

Someone is upset that teh exclusivezz demo is not impressive.

Word to the wise, crysis MP has always been average :D

XabiTheHumble3734d ago

LMAO!! when did he mention KZ?!?! Paranoid much LMAAO!!

HeavenlySnipes3734d ago

It has loads of stuff like sentry bots, to different abilities for each class to KZ type weapons found only in their game. This has invisibility (in Halo), armor abilities (in Halo), Killcams (in COD), generic weapons (like COD), and the map itself is uninteresting. No game plays like KZ. You can't watch a KZ vid and think about another game other than KZ.

The first time I watched a vid on Crysis 2 MP I thought, hmm this looks like COD and Halo had a baby. This game has nothing unique about it.

DeathMetal14743734d ago

I play on Pc so I know it will destroy everything like I care about shitty console graphics. bottom line is gameplay in Kz is crap

geodood3734d ago

You're wrong. Plus KZ3's graphics are hardly shit xD paranoid much.

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ramiuk13734d ago

i think itsd actually good online,im enjoying it better than the heap of unfinished rubbish, erm whats it called??
oh yeah black ops.

peowpeow3734d ago

Is it just me who thinks this game looks great? Have people's expectations suddenly risen to Crysis/Warhead graphics?

Sarcasm3734d ago

It actually looks pretty good to me too. I cant wait to see how this game actually runs on my GTX 580 and if Crytek's claims come through.

WhiteNoise3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I think it looks amazing. Crysis and warhead did look great. But there are a bunch of multiplats that look 90% as good that run 10x as good.

If the game looks as good as this on 360, I think 60 frames maxed with 8aa should be very achievable on my O.C GTX480/i7.


Try harder...

Crysis 2 screens

starchild3734d ago

I think it looks really good. It has a few minor issues that hopefully can be ironed out before release.

Death24943733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

@ WhiteNoise,
Yeah look at the textures on the hand.

Crysis2 looks about as good as Medal of Honor to me.


Oh and WhiteNoise guess what. I don't have to choose, I can get both. Muah ha ha ha(sinister laugh)

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