Sony defends DC Universe subscription

"Certainly we want people to feel they are getting the value to that subscription," Sony Online Entertainment spokesperson Ryan Peters told Eurogamer.

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NYC_Gamer3734d ago

the monthly fee helps with servers/updates

koehler833734d ago

Don't feel like anyone needs to defend themselves. And don't bother trying to educate the deliberately ignorant.

It's their product. It's their service. They can charge whatever the hell they like in whatever form they choose. It's a free market. End of story.

I_find_it_funny3734d ago

Lmao, people really say this should be free?

jjohan353734d ago

I don't mind the pay 2 play system. But I do think they should lower the initial price of the game ($60).

Brewski0073734d ago

Im enjoying it and I understand the reasons why I have to pay monthly for it. If the service itself is provided to me in a satisfactory way for the money I pay then I'll continue to pay the fee. Its not just funding a game, its funding a community of gamers and making sure we get the most outta this title that is seeping with untapped potential still.

garos823734d ago

well said koehler. their product their service. most mmos charge monthly fees.
im not a fan of paying monthly for game services and its my right to avoid it.

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Christopher3734d ago

Honestly, in this day and age there should be no need to defend monthly subscription fees or the costs behind F2P models when it comes to MMOs.

Chris3993734d ago

There are many others like it on the market. It's not as if Sony is making some obscene money fleece. Will we get the same coverage for Rifts? Or Knights of the Old Repulic? I wonder.

Baka-akaB3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

yeah it's amazing how around here , it's usually the folks that dont care for their games and often dont even own the console , that feel entitled something .

even "weirder" when the same folks had no opinions about every other mmos released so far , except ff14 and dc , as soon as announced as ps3 exclusive :p .

Of course the same folks could breath again , when it turned out FF14 was a dud , and could focus their energy on complaining about DCU .

Expect the Agency to "blows" too later on and the same debate around fees .

despair3734d ago

Nope you won't because they won't be coming to a console system. Thats the only reason they even make a big deal out of the subscription fee, what about WoW where were the complaints on that or even that it should be lower fees as the game ages, it will be the same for every MMO on a console that is P2P.

Sarcasm3734d ago

Yeah what do people expect, it's an MMO

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3734d ago

The game is insane fun... definitely worth it.

PimpHandHappy3734d ago

paid MMO's

Sony doesn't need 2defend it

Ares84PS33734d ago

They can defend it all they want. I'm not paying a monthly fee to play a game I already purchased.

BlackTar1873734d ago

when then why are you here? MMO fees are standard nothing surprising here.

To bad though its a great game if its your style but then again if it truly was something you liked im pretty sure u wouldnt complain about the fee.

Sarcasm3734d ago

It's an MMO, and for people who think it's worth it will pay the monthly fee. Just like the millions of other people paying for other MMOs. This is nothing new with exception that it's now available on a console.

Silly gameAr3734d ago

Yeah Sony totally came up with this whole pay to play concept. How dare they do what all MMO's do and think they can get away with it.

Ares84PS33734d ago

Looks like I was missunderstood. No, I'm not complaining about this particular case. Believe it or not I am aware of the fact that MMO's are mostly pay to play but why should they be? Because of server maintenance?? So how are the servers for other online games that aren't MMO's maintained?

Anyways, what I'm against is the whole concept of pay-to-play. If I'm buying something for almost $70 I want to use it without paying anything more for it. They should at least give people a few months free if they buy this game. So whoever want's to play it after the first 3-4 months could do so but than they can pay for "server maintenance"

I think every pay-to-play game is a rip-off.

There isn't a single game out there that I would pay-to-play. Last time I did that was back in the early 90's in an arcade....than I got a proper console.

Baka-akaB3734d ago

At least you get 30 days . That's how long anyway many keeps a game around till they are done with it and trade away , anyway

soundslike3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

"Because of server maintenance?? So how are the servers for other online games that aren't MMO's maintained? "

1. This game is getting monthly CONTENT patches as well as maintenance of servers, bug fixes, and balance issues.

2. Other multiplayer games don't need to try and fit 1000 players in the same area. It is a WORLD being hosted, not a "map". And not just one server, several of them, some pve some pvp. That's a lot more money and maintenance than some dude renting out a dedicated server to play BF2 on pc

Furthermore, why do you think 360 games get away with not having dedicated servers?

Dno3732d ago

says the guy who prolly has 5 years of xboxlive under his belt

j/k lol

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