New Crysis 2 720p gameplay prove why it’s going to be a stunner

GB: "We don’t have much to say or claim. Just take a look at this stunning 720p gameplay footage from the recently release MP demo on XBL and you’ll know that this game is special.
Crysis 2 releases later this year, for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.
You can download the demo from XBL if you own a gold sub. It’s exclusive to Xbox 360."

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psb3736d ago

I am officially excited to play this. And I'm getting the PC version. :D

DualConsoleOwner3736d ago ShowReplies(10)
GiggMan3736d ago

Wish I could get the PC version, oh well decided to get a 3D Tv instead.

CryWolf3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Officially this is not the full retail Crysis 2 game its a Multiplayer Closed Beta of Crysis 2 and everybody here knows the beta isn't the final version of this game, we have in tell March 22, 2011 before it releases and if anybody wanted to know how much gigabytes the beta is its takes up to 1.80GB of Hard Drive space.

SasanovaS19873736d ago

what makes it sad is people actually believe graphics are like this. the only reason PC can pull off any graphics better then a console is cus of its small resolution. PC has nothing on consoles at all, thats a fact, yet so many are blinded into believing its equal that you can pull off mega pixels on a 20 inch monitor the same way you can on my 60 inch. please spare me. this is small resolution video, thus showing graphics way superior then what it really is. your tv will be nothing like this video. and sorry PC fanboys, but did i hurt your feelings?

SasanovaS19873736d ago

and for the record, the video is garbage. most boring piece of trash i have ever seen, real talk. there is nothing u can do other then walk around and aim at someone. wow...pathetic

evrfighter3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

"the only reason PC can pull off any graphics better then a console is cus of its small resolution."

"yet so many are blinded into believing its equal that you can pull off mega pixels on a 20 inch monitor the same way you can on my 60 inch. please spare me. this is small resolution video"

"your tv will be nothing like this video. and sorry PC fanboys, but did i hurt your feelings? "

@ all console gamers

It's not that pc gamers come off as elitist. It's just that you guys are incredibly stupid. Take Sasanova for example.

One of you guys might want to explain to him how resolution works.

Steve_03736d ago


Don't put console gamers all in one tidy group man, there are idiots on both sides of the equation. Just because SasanovaS1987 has no idea what he's talking about, doesn't mean that the rest of us don't understand something as simple as resolution.

While I agree that the best of cutting edge graphics occur on the PC, you should at least concede that the argument is not as simple as discussing resolution, anti aliasing and other technical aspects that PC technology is usually far superior to consoles. Remember, that developers and the quality of graphic art is important as well.

Console gaming graphics have very different focuses on graphic technologies to PC gaming, generally because they're both inherently very different ways of playing a game. As an example, usually a console gamer is situated farther away from the screen than a PC gamer, resulting in larger displays to accomodate. Since a console gamer will generally be farther back, the eye's ability to resolve details such as pixels becomes less, and so lower resolutions can still appear fine to the eye. Of course it all depends on screen size, resolution, distance and eye ability, but the point is that 1920 x 1080 on the living room TV is not necessarily an inferior image to your eye than 1920 x 1200 on your monitor.

While I wouldn't hesitate to say that PC gaming graphics are usually more advanced than the current generation of consoles, the actual graphical effect can be more convincing on consoles these days. Take Uncharted for example, with focus especially on animation. The animations in Uncharted are more lifelike and fluid than any PC game I've played, and help to immerse me into the game. Another example is God Of War 3, where although the MLAA isn't technically as good as say 4x MSAA, the image it produces is often comparable and is computationally less expensive. The algorithms wouldn't be made without the limitations a console brings. Finally, I would argue that Gran Turismo 5 at its best represents a more photorealistic driving simulator than any on the PC.

The argument isn't so clear cut.

specialguest3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Wow! Oh no! hahahhaha You have my vote for the most ignorant comment of 2011 to date, and I'm not even a hardcore PC gamer. I'm not even sure if you even know how video resolution works.

BlackKnight3735d ago


Hey whats this!?!?

Is that my Xbox, PS3 AND MY PC hooked up to my big ass tv? What's that? I will be playing Crysis 2 at 1080P on that screen?

Dude, You have NO IDEA what you are talking about. PC's run at HIGHER resolutions than consoles easy. Those 20inch monitors run at 1050P (if 1680x1050) or 1080P OR HIGHER


Your argument works AGAINST you. 720P looks better on a 20inch monitor because the actual pixel size is so tiny. You gotta squeeze 720P into 20inches instead of having a 60 inch screen at 720P, each pixel is huge and blocky).

But don't forget! I play all my PC games on my TV too, not only that, but at 1080P and with copious amounts of AA! Not a jaggie in sight EVER.

I replied to you in another thread where you said Sony can disable your console even if you aren't online:


"Oh did you say you dont log on to PSN? thats cute, but just explain to me how your "news" bar at the top right of your screen updates itself? guess what, their watching you even when your offline."

Lol, it's sad if you are that stupid or ignorant. This isn't an insult, you legitimately look to be stupid. If you don't connect your PS3 to your home network, wired or wireless, it will be impossible for Sony to see anything going on with your PS3. What are they going to use? Magic?"

LOL. You are ONE HELL OF A FANBOY, and completely igonorant

Strickforce3735d ago

@steve o

You clearly do not understand how a computer works.

Let me help you.

1. The xbox... It's a pc.
2. It's got some 7 year old xeon processors in it
3. Crysis is known for graphics first, gameplay second - so all the rants on this page are pretty ignorant. The xbox and the ps3 can only handle 720p with settings on low to run a game like crysis, has nothing to do with the size of your tv or wherenyour sitting. It has to do with frames per second, and since ive been playing the demo on the xbox, it feels like 30fpsish which, by any real gaming standard is pathetic. :). That's like me going out and buying a game for my pc, turning the resolution down to 720p or lower, and dumbing down all the graphical settings JUST to get 30fps?

Kill zone 2 and uncharted have great art, but that still doesn't help the fact that if a pc were running those games, it would look MUCH MUCH better. Kill zone 2 or 3 on a current gen pc? That would be sweet.

Fact is the xbox is waaaay past it's prime, and it's sad when companies have to dumb down their settings for console users. They do it for more money, which I understand, but it's sad that so many console users think they know what they are talking about?

Here is a resolution tip.... The higher the resolution and the smaller the screen, the better and more crisp the graphics. To help you with that concept, go play with the resolution slider bar in windows lol...

Obviously there is a sweet spot with resolution and screen size, bit 720p on a 40" + tv just looks like crap.... even 1080 is pushing it...

BlackKnight3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )


Hey, I love my PC gaming, but I played the demo on xbox. I think it's the best looking game on console hands DOWN. The one thing I think that is not up to par is the AA method, it removes jaggies good but causes ghosting with movement, not cool. Slightly lower texture resolution on some surfaces compared to other games like Gears or Halo.

But this game has great HDR , real time ambient occlusion, true depth of field. Those three things are NOT in Killzone 2 or 3. (Killzone's depth of field is a simple blur on the outer edge of the screen, totally fake). The demo not only had motion blur but object motion blur, which is in very few titles (UC2, KZ games, GOW3). Global illumination, realtime specular lighting, deferred lighting (many real time lights). Great material shaders (refraction through different kinds of glass, water on visor, normal mapping all over).

To top it off, no controller lag? With so much GPU intensive effects, I would have thought SOME controller lag like KZ2. But none!

As far as a console game, I am heavily impressed to see what I saw on such 6 year old hardware.

Still getting PC obviously, but I have respect for Crytek getting the game looking so good (and being multiplat) on such underpowered consoles.

colombiankilla013735d ago

sesanova its just another retarded xbot fanboy! But you know whats more retarded??? The Pc fanboys who keep comparing PCs in general to consoles!!

BlackKnight3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )


Why is he an xbox fanboy? Why not PS3? Do you mean console fanboy? From his comment in another thread about the PS3, he makes Sony sound like they will catch all "wrong-doers". He came off as a PS3 fanboy to me, and you come off as PS3 fanboy since he said NOTHING of xbox.

Also, PC can compare to consoles all they want. It's just another platform with its own pros and cons, get used to.

Either way, xbox fanboy, PC fanboy, PS3 fanboy. Doesn't matter, fanboys are useless and ignorant. Speak the pros and cons of each platform TRUTHFULLY. This is something very few on N4G, or in general, can do.

Strickforce3735d ago


Thats what I am trying to say - I, as well as the majority of people who have played the demo - all agree that it looks like complete crap.

If you want to give it an award for running on 6 year old hardware, thats one thing, but you cant possibly say the graphics on that are any better then vs a PC. Crytek only made this for console to get more $$ as PC gaming is not as popular anymore. Something about buying a 200 dollar console vs buying a 1500 dollar desktop :)

I know and understand all of the different technologies in these games, but you can put killzone 2 up to this any day (if you want to make that comparison) and kz2 blows cyrsis 2 out of the water. In fact, I am sure it will blow the ps3 version of crysis 2 out of the water too.

Have you also downloaded bulletstorm? The graphics on that beat out crysis 2 on the console..

BlackKnight3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )


I don't think it looks like crap. Tell me, what about killzone 2 or 3 looks better? Only thing I think KZ has is better AA solution and better death animations. Both are 720P, KZ2 has inferior texture resolution. Both use deferred lighting. I mean really, what is Crysis 2 not doing that Killzone is? Crysis 2 even even has no controller lag and SOLID framerate. KZ can't claim that at all (KZ3 is said to have reduced or eliminated controller lag).

BULLETSTORM looks better? Are you crazy? Yes I downloaded and played it. It has NO motion blur, not even screen motion blur. Its ambient occlusion is very blocky and noise-ridden. It has NO HDR, just high quality bloom like KZ. Same as I asked for KZ, what does bullet storm do that Crysis 2 isn't?

I am not trying to parade Crysis 2 on consoles, but you cannot say that the game is NOT one of the best looking console games. No way does killzone "blow it out of the water". How? What is better? list something specific. It doesn't need to be crazy techy explanation like "The motion blur is superior because it uses 8 samples per frame instead of Crysis 2 using 6." <--(This is an example, I made this up, just FYI.)

I just don't see how you, as someone who games on PC I take it, is claiming killzone looks better, let alone by a large margin.

Strickforce3735d ago


Look bro - I have a game room with 2 55" sony 3d tv's - I have my PC and PS3 connected to 1, and xbox kinect on the other.

Trust me when I say that I had everyone over (by no means scientific study lol) and we loaded crysis 2 up on one tv, and then kilzzone 2, uncharted 2, etc.. on the other - we even loaded up crysis warhead on my PC.

I dont care what 'features' crysis 2 has, it does not look 'pretty' compared to games like killzone 2 or 3 and uncharted. Part of the reason (and you should know this) is because they have dumbed down the engine so much to be multi platform compatible. Any game that is ps3 and xbox will also be sub par. Look at COD series, great game, loads of fun - but looks ugly (compared to any PC games out there...) They do that for consistancy and to make sure it will get a solid 60FPS.

Crysis 2 is no different, as someone that is truly anal about the way games look (especially crytek, the industry leader in 'good looking games'), I can tell you straight faced that it doesnt impress me. When I load the game up, I dont think 'wow the graphics, and what they did is amazing with this, best console graphics hands down' - however, when I load up killzone 2, I still ask myself how they can get a game to look that good on a console, and same for uncharted 2.

That said, I fired up the 3d function for crysis, and that also sucks :) The only games that actually make me say 'ok, I can see why 3d gaming is important) is gran turismo 5, cod black ops, and wipeout HD.

Im not a hater, I am an avid PC gamer, heck - I used to play professionally many years ago. I don't hate consoles, I enjoy what each brings to the table - but in this case, its clearly, in my view - and from many blogs forums and comments - not some huge graphical achievement for the xbox.

As far as bulletstorm - are you kidding? Do you really want side by side pics of bulletstorm vs crysis 2 (console obviously)?

BlackKnight3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )


What does it matter if you have 2 55inch TV's that are 3D? I don't even know why you brought that up, I didn't say you had a shitty TV or anything.

If you can't point out why the games look better besides "it's not as pretty" or "it's that good", the argument is moot. You can't give objective reasons, at all. Even your subjective reasons, which was quoted above, give nothing specific at all. You just ignore the fact that UC2 has no anti aliasing, all those jaggies at 720P on a big 55inch? Hope you aren't considering the cutscenes that are videos as the games graphics. Using high quality assets and pre-rendering them in a game engine for a cutscene is not realtime. No doubt UC2 looks amazing, but the difference is small. KZ's blurry AA, horrible texture resolution, low poly characters, blocky-low-res particle effects, LDR bloom instead of HDR, and fake DOF? Oh, the superb screen+object motion blur and deferred lighting makes up for all that? PS Crysis 2 also has screen+object motion blur and deferred lighting.

You see what I mean "bro"? Why do you have to be like that? I am not trying to be an ass or bring up the size of my TV like that will give me a position of authority, or my gaming history. (Professional gamers turn down graphical settings to achieve high frame rates unless the tournaments you attend say other wise. So having been a professional gamer adds no support to why one engine/game looks better than another).

I swear I am not trying to be rude, but you come off as having "fanboy goggles". All you say is it's prettier. So you have a kinect? That doesn't make you like another platform any less. Just because a game is mulitplat does not make it impossible for good graphics. MOST devs port the engine, and ends up not using the hardware that well. Crytek has been working on a multiplat engine for 4 years or more. There are no "ports", they really did make each engine for the platforms alot different to tailor to the hardware.

Seriously, what specifically looks better?

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Commander_TK3736d ago

The music in the beginning reminds of the best film of all time aka Inception.

Tachyon_Nova3736d ago

How good is the soundtrack to that movie! And obviously how good is the movie in general?!

Rainstorm813736d ago

Inception was good but it gets put on a pedestal that it doesnt belong on because its made by christopher nolan and because Dark Knight was good but Inception isnt lightyears ahead of The Prestige yet no one praises that movie because its pre-dark knight

trancefreak3735d ago

the prestige was amazing saw it a few years after its release. Couldn't believe i missed that movie.

mp12893736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Graphics look good, but the feel of realism when you shoot at people doesn't seem much better than COD.

plumber153736d ago

the graphics are nice but the sound is s*** and it is no different then any other shooter including KZ3 or cod . but i will be getting KZ3 just because it has move support .

jy_mrnd3736d ago

PC version for me too.

Christopher3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Didn't find it stunning. Looked about as good as Halo: Reach and CoD: Black Ops, IMHO. I did notice a lot more detail with regards to small items included for atmosphere, though.

Are the graphics downsampled for multiplayer?

Gameplay looked okay, though. Looks like it takes a lot to take someone down.

Also, surprised there's no destructible elements to the gameplay. Especially in multiplayer where it could used to one's advantage.

dragon823735d ago

I played the demo last night and the graphics are nowhere near stunning. Also it does not take much to take someone down at all. I can't even tell you how many times I got killed with a single shot fro the shotgun. Overall the weapons seemed pretty balanced though. It just felt underwelming to me. Nothing we haven't seen a million times.

Christopher3735d ago

Thanks for the info on weapon damage, dragon82.

xTruthx3735d ago

Sasanovas comment = EPIC LOL, I mean seriously... if you don't know about something just avoid the subject. I can just imagine sasanova reading this a few years l8r when hes out of middle school, saying..... wow..... what a retard of a post I was capable off back then.

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DualConsoleOwner3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Look at these links

the games are no where stunning... Maybe PC, but not Xbox 360 version.

Tinasumsum3736d ago

I enjoy watching your breakdown. You're doing damage control like you were the one that made up the PS3 is the most powerful thing in the universe!!!! myth yourself.

GiggMan3736d ago

This (Crysis vs Killzone) is turning into (has turned into) another iNfamous vs prototype situation between the fanboys.

As in both situations I lol and get both games... lol

dragon823735d ago

After playing the demo for over an hour last night I have to agree that it is not even close to stunning.

finbars753736d ago

Trust me no way this a 360 video gameplay.I have been playing this demo since it came out this morning and its not even close to looking like this video.I have a samsung 3d 1080p tv and it looks good but not this good.Plzzz this game will not look good on consoles but on the PC I can only imagine the possibilities.I dont play PC games but always love gameplay from them.Just shows the difference.

tudors3736d ago

@finbars75 you must have a faulty Xbox-360 or a broken TV then because this looks just like the game I have been playing all day, the reality is you don't have a Xbox-360 and you haven't played the game or as I said above somthing is wrong with your gear.

darksied3736d ago

Of course it's 360 gameplay. Halfway through it shows that message that says a friend is online.

finbars753736d ago

Tudors add me to your xbox jackass and tell me that when we play maltice75.Now put your money where your mouth is idiot.Maybe its because me tv is to good to notice a game thats dubbed down.Add me and you will see that I have an xbox.

Gamer_Z3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Agreed i been playing it since this morning and the game does not look or play like this but it could just be my connection or my tv

gamer20103736d ago

Are you guys kidding? It looks exactly like this. Besides, the video is clearly of the 360 version because you see notifications pop up.

jellybalboa3736d ago

why have a 3dtv when xbox is not compatible with a 3dtv? explain please


You are clearly misinformed my friend, the xbox is 3d compatible, I have played at least 5 3d games on it, and it looks amazing, but nothing looks better than call of duty in 3d so far.

Don't believe everything that this site tells you, it is ps3 fanboy central here.

Edit, also this demo/beta is 3d compatible as well for 360.

mikeh09183735d ago

Ha how can you say this doesn't look the same? Your shit must be setup wrong or something, because it looks just like this.

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prongs1233736d ago

Well, I sort of agree. Nothing out of the ordinary in this footage. M not really stoked to play MP in any case

Tinasumsum3736d ago

Do you game on PC? probably not

ksense3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

does it matter if he games on pc or not? all I want to hear from you is the truth.

Is the PC version better looking than the consoles?

I say Yes. How about you?

XabiTheHumble3736d ago

lol @ Tinasumsum insecurities of the truth, silly fanboy.

darksied3736d ago

I'm so confused. This looks good, killzone looks good, I like resistance multiplayer, WHAT DO I DO!!?? Too many shooters, not enough time (not to mention black ops, bad company 2, etc.) *cry*

awiseman3735d ago

dont get blk ops. If you have mw2 keep it, its better.

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