GameZone: Two Worlds II Review (Consoles)

"Two Worlds II is hands-down a definite improvement. The game runs smoothly (except for occasional hiccups when the world was loading), the environments are far more detailed, and the voice-acting is a huge step in the right direction. The gameplay lends itself to be enjoyed with a controller, but falls flat due to its button layout. It still suffers from some setbacks and odd design choices, but unlike the first game, it is actually playable and, most importantly, enjoyable." - GameZone

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TheSanchezDavid3734d ago

I may have to give this a go sometime. Of course, there are other more impressive titles I'd rather play first.

Christopher3734d ago

Good review of the game. Definitely has some problems still, but being a massive improvement over the original is a great sign on the part of the developers.

barefootgamer3734d ago

I got to play some of Two Worlds 2 at E3 and thought it had the potential to not suck. Kinda bummed that you can't play a female character in single player, but it's nice to see the game turned out decent.

phantomexe3734d ago

Just picked it and it's not bad but hey guys it runs that's a inprovement

athmaus3734d ago

kinda makes me wanna get it

ironcreed3734d ago

I have the game and am loving it. Huge leap over the first one and is just fun as hell to play. No, the story is not anything great and is standard dark fantasy, but if you love Euro role playing games, then this is definitely one of the best of the bunch that has come out in a long time. I'll be getting hours upon hours of enjoyment out of this one.

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