PSP2: lets evaluate some of its rumored specs

We have seen this couple of days many news regarding the specs of the PSP2, so hey we dont miss a chance in trying to evaluate some of its rumored specs, such as the big screen it has and those it really be call a handheld when you have something that big, well you can find some answers.

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Istanbull3740d ago

OLED 3D touchscreen, 2 dualsticks, great graphics, great design but please no touchscreen with a stylus. That is soooo 2005.

Otheros003740d ago

Don't worry about the stylus. It's definitely not going to be in the psp2. That picture is fake. I don't think their is going to be a 3d touch screen.

ajcastillo3740d ago

There will never be a 3D touch Screen, it doesn´t even says in the article that, and of course that the image is fake.

jony_dols3739d ago

I can't wait to see PS3/Xbox standard ports on the small screen.

A good COD port would alone shift several million consoles.
Imagine pawning n00bs using 3g on the way into work.

ThanatosDMC3739d ago

No thanks to the 3D that'll just take away from the game. The resources could be used elsewhere to make the game even better.

StbI9903739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

EXACTLY...nintenfag, I mean fans, have been so blinded lately, they think this lil shit called 3D do good to games in the 3DS, yet it adds a couple of pros for the experience then yet, the 3DS could have been even powerfuller than what it is, anyway, I myself gotta love me some ocarina of time on the go but screw 3D on the psp2, hoping blasting graphics.

More or so, please sony, add 1GB of ram mem and competition is totally blasted.

topgeareasy3740d ago

Dimensions: 17 X 7.4 X 2.3 cm
- Display 5 "multi-touch OLED (12.7 cm)
- Multi-touch trackpad
- Resolucion: 960 x 544
- eight core ARM Cortex-A15
- PowerVR SGX 554MP8
- 512MB LPDDR2 RAM (1GB devkits)
- 16GB/32GB flash + SD slot -
- Wifi, 3G, bluetooth
- Acelerometers, GPS, gyroscope, camara

this sounds better but I doubt it due to costs

Otheros003740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

- eight core ARM Cortex-A15
- PowerVR SGX 554MP8

That uses too much battery. You can only play for about 30 mins going by you specs. The price wold also be similar to the ps3's price when it first came out.

topgeareasy3740d ago

anyway I wasn't being serious but battery life to me doesn't matter as I play my PSP from the mains most of the time.

Aarix3739d ago

Wow that's As powerful as the ps3 if that is true I can easily imagining being a huge catch

Close_Second3739d ago

How bout we don't speculate and we just wait for the official announcement.

At the end of the day it will either be loaded with specs and priced to high or priced right but leave people wanting.

Cloud-3739d ago

If i said it once, i said it a thousand times....
ITS OVER 9000!!!.

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The story is too old to be commented.