Six Days In Fallujah is in Production and Standing Strong

"......Singleplayer will also not just be a solo journey as the game will have co-op in it. The amount of players in co-op in currently unconfirmed. The Atomic Games team were very hesitant to speak about ‘Six Days in Fallujah’ at all but after having a lot of fun playing with them....."

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TheGrimBunny3735d ago

Co-op in Six Days baby!!!!

ATiElite3735d ago

Ah Man Konami had GOLD right there in their hands. 6 Days, the first time i saw it I got the same feeling when I first saw Scarface. The game was Raw, violent, and very well made. A true Hardcore game full of intense realism.

Now they have butchered it. Maybe after it's done it will get back to where Konami had it IDK but man 6 days was gonna be sick....well until stupid publicity got out.

bronxsta3735d ago

i'm happy the game is still being made as well and i think coop might be a good addition as long as it isn't shoehorned into the campaign.

After all, being a soldier means working as a team.

jay23735d ago

So wait hold on, whos publishing it now?

AKA3735d ago

i may have got it in 2010,
but SOCOM 4 will impress more and be a much better game, well i will keep my eyes on it.

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The story is too old to be commented.