Metal Gear Ranked: The Top Games In The Metal Gear Saga

GameBlurb writes, "I wonder if Hideo Kojima ever knew how big a franchise Metal Gear would become. After 7 games, the series continues to chug on whether people want it or not and each iteration always ends up being a stellar addition. But which ones shine the most? Which game provided the best all around Metal Gear experience? GameBlurb presents: Metal Gear Ranked."

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jaidek3731d ago

I have yet to play any of the entries on the PSP...I really need to pick them up.

Istanbull3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

5: MGS Portable Ops
4: MGS1
3: MGS4
2: MGS3
1: MGS Peace Walker

Great list, I hope a remake of Peace Walker for the PS3, this game really blew me away!

crxss3731d ago

List fail, MGS 3: Subsistence is definitely number one. Hope MGS 3D improves Snake Eater even more.

showtimefolks3731d ago

mgs 1-3 will be in hd soon can not waite to get it the second it comes out

i am a huge MGS fan 3rd was the best and 4th to me was the 2nd best

MicrocutsX23731d ago

Wow a surprising pick for number one, but I can agree with the author's choice. It's definitely one of the best out there.

gameseveryday3731d ago

MGS3 is and always be the best in the entire series.

BlackTar1873731d ago

its a toss up for me as i enjoyed part 1 and part 4 as much as part 3 something about part 4 made the hairs ont he back of my next stand up like every 5 minutes with hapiness. and the end fight with ocelot and the music switching was probabbly one of my greatest Vide game moments off all time

Part 2 was almost awful imho

Nate-Dog3731d ago

I'm sorry but I just cannot agree with the number one. While it's a decent game (and great for PSP) it's nowhere near the quality of any of the console games apart from certain gameplay elements (and even then those are almost ruined by the barrage at the end of the game with the Extra Ops missions which are almost all vehicle-battle missions).

I ain't ripping on you (this is your article and list after all lol) but personally I don't rate Peace Walker that high.

ksense3731d ago

straight from hideo kojima himself ^. well... maybe not... but yea snake eater is the best of them all lol

RahatR3731d ago

Hey Nate! Thanks for the response. I can understand where you're coming from and you do make a valid arguments but I personally did have an experience that I felt made Peacewalker the best Metal Gear experience. I knew from the moment I put it on the number 1 slot I would have people debating my choice.

Just imagine if they ported this game with the MGS4 that would make it unquestionable. I like your input!

Nate-Dog3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Yeah a port has been on a lot of people's minds it seems. Looks like Kojima is going down the road of making a sequel to this too (which is unfortunate IMO, just because he said PW would cover from where it did actually start to the completion of Outer Heaven which it didn't, and if we actually got that I'd certainly be inclined to think higher of it), and who knows, that could be a console game.

coldburn3731d ago

I think MSG3 was the best, but I haven't played peacemaker or finish MSG4 yet, so for now MSG3

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