Jimpressions: Bulletstorm Demo (Destructoid)

Destructoid: "I've waited a long time to try Bulletstorm out, so I had the demo on download as soon as I noticed the sucker was available. Now, fresh off of making heads explode and kicking angry green people into electric wires, I feel I'm an adequate position to say one thing:


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madpuppy3735d ago

I thought the demo was pretty good, albeit a little short. Not a game to play in front of the kids though.
One thing I have to say, the controls are pretty comfortable, there is no jump in this game though as far as I can tell, when you come up to an obstacle it does that gears "press Button to climb over" thing.

chak_3735d ago

no jump? seriously? For a game like that?

Lmao, seriously, I'm just trying to imagine painkiller without jump.

I now understand why they don't want us to experience the demo.

Strange_Evil3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Instead of 'jump', you press the 'x button' (A button on Xbox) and you actually rush to cover or can give someone a kick in the balls (if an enemy is in your path).

Active Reload3735d ago

I didn't know this game was called PainKiller...

chak_3735d ago

yeah gameplay and controls simplification to its maximum.

Yet you ask for more, instead of liberty.

Oh you do what you want, don't get me wrong, though I'm not going to buy it.

Perjoss3735d ago

i heard there is a lot of jumping in platform games, maybe they are better suited to you?

chak_3735d ago

You realise we're talking about FPS here? A genre where we jump since it's creation, in almost every single game out.

So don't come talking about plateformers, that looks ridiculous.

kancerkid3735d ago

Jumping in video games is serious business.

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Strange_Evil3735d ago

All in all if I have to sum up, the demo was quiet fun actually, the graphics are good, the gunplay is very good. The only problem I think is how long can the fun last. At first it's OMG did impale that guy on that fence!! or just electrocute someone by kicking them into a high voltage wire!! But after doing that same thing for 10 times it kinda gets boring. I had the same problem with vanquish.

I hope the full game has enough variety to keep me interested. Also after playing now I know why there is no full fledge multi-player since it's impossible to get competitive multi-player with the current gameplay... That is why single player is gonna be crucial for my decision purchase... Don't want a vanquish kind game that ends in 6 hours and you got nothing more left to do.

Legionaire20053735d ago

This maybe be a little off topic but this relates to Epic and Insomniac games. Fact!!! Gears of War and Resistance series release around the same time as each other!!! I guess both game studio has been spying on each other lol!!! Its really true. Gears of War and resistance part 1 release 2006, Gears and Resistance part 2 release 2008, and now Gears and Resistance part 3 is coming out this fall most likely in September for both. Both storylines are very similar with the doomsday for mankind concept where in part 3 both have the alien side at a huge advantage. Resistance and Gears are brothers lol!!! By the way Bulletstorm was a short but good demo. Can it compete with Duke Nukem don't know about that call them brothers too lol!!!

Parapraxis3735d ago

Oh..Jim loved it eh?

It's going to get boring fast. Dumbest AI I've ever seen.

Not surprised a dimwit like Sterling digs crap like this.