Mass Effect 2 for PS3 leaves Microsoft with only One Life

Ryan Taillon of writes "Now you must be thinking to yourself. “How can one game mean the death of an entire system?” Alright, it is a bit dramatic. It's not really about Mass Effect 2, it's about what it represents".

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Istanbull3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

"How can a series that once was a staple of XBOX now all of the sudden look better and run faster on the PS3?

Simple - Microsoft forgot what they believe in. They forgot what really matters. Microsoft has let a huge distraction get in their way. The distraction’s name… Kinect."

Kinect is what all 360 is about. They could've opened a couple of developpers for that 0.5 billion dollar ad campaign because... there is only 1 360 exclusive this year and that is Gears 3.

Kamikaze1353735d ago

He actually said that? The game plays and looks better on PC.

Myst3735d ago

Though I think what the author and the poster may have been getting at is that it wasn't on the PS3. So therefore now that is has arrived what is Microsoft to do with losing something that was not on PS3 before.

ShinMaster3735d ago

How was it a "staple of XBOX"?
It wasn't even exclusive to begin with.

HappyGaming3735d ago

Uncharted 1 $20 million
Uncharted 2 $20 million
Killzone 2 $60 million
GT5 $60 million
God of War 3 $44 million
Total $204

Kinect (advertising) $500 million

GTA IV 2 expansion packs timed exclusives $50 million
Uncharted 1&2 $40 million

If MS invested all the advertising and DLC money to games even if they didn't look as good as Uncharted 1&2 they could easily open up 5-10 new studios and make 10 games just as fun with that money.

hay3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

You're missing the point.
Xbox 360 sells. Kinect sells. Black Ops sold quite a number, the same with FF13.
Crap can sell if you know how to do it. And obviously MS knows it best. They don't need quality if they have sheeps to buy their stuff.

IdleLeeSiuLung3734d ago


Still Halo outsold all those games. What does that tell you?

Sounds to me like Sony lost touch with the gaming crowd making a bunch of games that didn't sell too well.

MikeGdaGod3734d ago

not to a an asshole....but sheep is the plural..."sheeps" don't exist....i completely agree with the rest of your comment though ;-)

shoddy3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

the sheep let MS get away with cheap service.

Halo is enough to pay for live.
Who need exclusive or pushing the gamers boundery.

just brainwash and throw money at shortcut instead of research.

now you gotta admit Sony spend thier money well on us gamers huh?

Jaces3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )


Couldn't have said it better. The amount of shovelware being made and actually sold is unbelievable. MS was doing good until they started investing in timed exclusives and advertising.


You have fun playing the same stale shooter over and over while us real gamers enjoy real games.

BTW, what about Gears and ME, and Crackdown? How many did those sell?

Sounds to me like MS lost touch with the gaming crowd making a bunch of games that didn't sell too well.

Jaces3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )


gamingdroid3734d ago

I don't know why people think games that sell are crap. It's as if some kind of fad to dislike what's popular and like what's not.

I enjoy obscure game titles (such as indie games) as well as popular games like Halo, CoD and ME.

Why are you a sheep if you like the most popular shooter? If you are having fun, it shouldn't be an issue!

dragonelite3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Haha did the writer somehow forgot to read digital foundry analysis of Mass effect 2 demo which run worse then the 360 version. There if your going to claim something at least fact check that shit and make sure you're right when writing such a trolling article.

Let the doom and gloom begin.
People seems to forget that exclusive are only good to sell consoles till like 3 years after launch. After that exclusive wont boost sales that much. If you said me that microsoft had nothing for like 2 years that doesn't grabs me yeah i will just multiplat titles stupid bloggers thinking there nothing more then exclusives on consoles to play and if graphics are so important go play on pc with your 360 pad for comfy couch experience.

frostypants3734d ago

The PC is neither here nor there in this discussion.

And you're wrong, anyway: ME2 looks better on SOME PCs. It's not a single platform.

But again, it's not relevant here.

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Godmars2903735d ago

Sorry, but when has the Xbox ever been more to MS than market share? The brands always been about what the other guy is doing, lets not worry about making our own identity. That's what MS believes in.

And how is a game that's also on PC, that's really only been in one system generation, considered to be a "staple?" Mario is a staple for Nintendo because he's literally been on every platform they've ever made. Same with Sonic for Sega. Master Chief is certainly an Xbox staple but how is Mass Effect?

gamingdroid3734d ago

MS brought a lot to the table that other competitors are still trying to catch up:

- XNA for indie developers and a channel to actually make money
- Xbox Live
- Achievements
- Kinect

We all know you prefer the PS3, but at least make it fair if you are unable to be objective.

rockleex3734d ago

I give props for XNA.

But Xbox Live? Lol, subscription just to play online is a step back.

Achievements? That's alright. Most people don't care.

Kinect? Lol, don't make me laugh. The competitors turned it down. MS simply took the unwanted leftovers and pushed it with $500 million in advertising.

Godmars2903734d ago

If you're going to question someone's objectivity, I think you should start with yourself. This is about the product on the console, not its infrastructure.

You're also sadly mistaken if you think that there'd be a Kinect if not for Wii. Much less that the thing has proven itself when all it has are Wii-clone titles right now.

gamingdroid3734d ago

"If you're going to question someone's objectivity, I think you should start with yourself."

Based on your comment history in the Xbox 360 section, I would send that right back to you.

"This is about the product on the console, not its infrastructure."

So you want to ignore the fact that Xbox Live brought a bunch of features that other companies are still trying to catch up to? XNA directly translates to indie games you can buy today.

That is part of the Xbox console wetter you like it or not, but I'm sure you would rather just focus on a narrow section to further your agenda.

"You're also sadly mistaken if you think that there'd be a Kinect if not for Wii. Much less that the thing has proven itself when all it has are Wii-clone titles right now. "

I never said that, but then again other competitors just upgraded the Wii like the PS Move. Kinect is at least new features that hasn't been released in a console yet.

Kinect hasn't proven itself, because it hasn't been on the market for four years. To be fair give it some more time, it's hardly been 3 months!

Godmars2903734d ago

XNA is PC indy games on console, except where a hobbyist programmer could pick up a number of tools and submit their work to the community for free, one has to be bought from MS while the other is licensed. Sure it has the potential to reward someone who invests in it, but out of how many who are flooding it with cloned crap titles just hoping someone else is stupid enough to waste a buck?

And I'm really missing why you continue to go on about Kinect, any motion controller in general, when we've had four years of the Wiimote which has yet to prove itself much less MC as anything but a gimmick.

Really, it doesn't matter weather I like it or not - because I don't care. Much like I suspect you care about Home, even though MS has tried to copy it at least twice now in the form of their Arcade room and the Kinect chatroom.

gamingdroid3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

It doesn't change the fact that nobody, has a Indie channel for consoles period. If I wanted to release something on Wii or PS3, I had to go with homebrew which skirts on illegal activity. Sony is even trying to sue people as we speak....

"Sure it has the potential to reward someone who invests in it, but out of how many who are flooding it with cloned crap titles just hoping someone else is stupid enough to waste a buck?"

There are plenty of quality titles among the crap, such as "I Made a Game with Zombies". That game sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Dishwasher is another excellent game that came out of the XNA community.

"And I'm really missing why you continue to go on about Kinect, any motion controller in general, when we've had four years of the Wiimote which has yet to prove itself much less MC as anything but a gimmick."

There is no point in arguing with someone that already made up their mind. After all, back in the 70-80s games also looked like a gimmick. Only in the last half a decade is the gaming industry starting to be taken serious. Before that it was just a nerdfest and before the Wii it was just geeks playing games.

To believe that motion control is a gimmick is just holding onto the past and not recognizing the future. There is a reason why these companies are investing heavily into motion control and they are selling well. Motion control is here to stay, get used to it.

However, that doesn't change the fact that your entire argument is to just put down a product and claim it isn't innovative, because you simply don't like it.

MS copying Sony has nothing to do with the discussion, because I can start listing things Sony copied from the other two and vice versa.

As I said, if you are unable to be objective at least be fair. Recognize it despite your dislike!

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doa7663735d ago

2011 PS3 core exclusive list

little big planet 2 (1/18)
killzone 3 (2/22)
MLB The Show (3/8)
yakuza 4 (3/15)
PS Move Heroes (3/22)
Motorstorm Apocalypse (4/12)
Socom 4 (april)
ICO/SOTC HD collection
Ratcher and Clank All For One
Infamous 2
White Knight Chronicles 2
Ni No Kuni
Resistance 3 (9/6)
Uncharted 3 (11/1)
The Last Guardian (holidays 2011)
Twisted Metal (holidays 2011)

(please note how I'm leaving out games like DC Universe Online, The Agency and Final Fantasy 14 because they're not exclusives because they have PC versions)

360 2011 core exclusive list

Gears of War 3 (fall 2011)
Forza 4

(in both list the ones with no dates are TBA2011, but at some point they were announced for 2011)

Sarcasm3735d ago

Are you sure there aren't any other titles for the 360? I'm sure there's SOMETHING other than Gears and Forza. Oh well, be prepared for the usual...

"But but but wait for E3, MS don't like to announce exclusives until the next decade"


cobpswii36003735d ago

"so did you say the same last year when sony had far less exclusives than microsoft?"
Umm... 2010 was awesome!

White Knight Chronicles
Heavy Rain
God of War 3
3D Dot Game Heroes
Mod Nation Racers
Gran Turismo 5
MLB 10: The Show
Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
The Sly Collection

Gamer_Z3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Can we count Call of Duty as an xbox 360 exclusive yet? I don’t want that garbage to be on my system of choice :P

doa7663735d ago


nope, there's nothing else, maybe your thinking about Xcom but like I wrote this list is about games that will only be released on PS3 or 360 and that game has a PC version, just like DCUO, FF14 and The Agency

there's also Crytech's Kingdoms but it was never given a release date or release window, and since the list is only for core games, so no Kinect

Belasco3734d ago

You forgot Codename: Kingdoms, yes its one game but it is an exclusive.

TheDivine3734d ago

Acually ms was smart, they came in with no hope of outselling sony, no third party games like gta, dmc, residnt evil exc. They stole all the big games and stole a huge market share. They brought xbl, indy games, ingame music, cross game chat exc. They tried (ultamately failed) to take japan with great rpgs like blue dragon, lost odyssey, infinite undiscovery, last remnant, magna carta 2, vesperia, eternal sonata exc. They invested hugely in new games but they didnt do what they expected although i love the games. They brought too human, mass effect, gears, halo, alan wake,fable, forza, kameo, viva pinata, and tons of games like metro 2033, divinity 2, risen, pc games that made their way to the 360 and not ps3. The ps3 has a better lineup next year sure but the 360 still has TONS of huge games coming like gears, bulletstorm, skyrim, dragon age 2 exc. This year is packed with excellent games all around. I have all 3 systems so it doesnt matter to me but the 360 has just as many exclusives as the ps3 has at this point and there will be a bunch of cool(imho) kinect games coming this year. They are smart to focus on getting kinect up and focusing on it as a console. Ms had its best year ever in 2010, ps3 is looking to take 2011, all the reason to own both and enjoy all games.

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Queasy3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Really? You actually have to ask that question? It's simple - Mass Effect 2 was released on the PS3 a year later and is using the same upgraded engine features as Mass Effect 3 which will also be running on the Xbox 360. And while it does look better, it is hardly a huge leap.

And Mass Effect 2 coming to the PS3 was a result of BioWare being purchased by Electronic Arts in 2007. You know, the company that likes to publish games across all systems. Kinect wasn't even announced until two years later.

Yes, it is clearly the Kinect's fault that Mass Effect 2 ended up on the PS3...<facepalm>

IdleLeeSiuLung3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

It's worse, ME2 on the PS3 suffers from corrupt save games that will delete your entire save game in one go. It also freezes and has performance hiccup.

Literally no increase in graphcs fidelity. So essentially it came out a year later with the DLC included for a low sum of $60 while you can get it for the Xbox 360 for many months now for $10. Add in the DLC and you are still ahead by $25 and you get to play it all year long and play ME1 to transfer your saves instead of a quick fix they called interactive comic.

It seems more like the PS3 gamers got the turd here.

dragon823734d ago

I have it for 360 and just played the PS+ free trial and I can honestly say it ran much better on my PS3.

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez3734d ago

I dont see it as a problem less MS news on N4G is a good thing, ps3 and steam news is all thats worth reading.

Lyr1c3734d ago

The only 360 news lately has been nothing but Kinect.

It's kind of disappointing me.


Overblown fanboyism at its worst... I dont think the problem is that the PS3 has More Exclusives than XBOX... As Last Year The XBOX had the most exclusives, and sold the most consoles and software... I think XBOX will announce Halo xxx and get plenty of sales. My Problem With XBOX and what this STUPID FANBOY article stems from what he said from the end of their article.... "competition is supposed to be good for gamers... I want QUALITY GAMES! not many BAD GAMES! Other than Mass Effect what did XBOX HAVE TO OFFER? Not only are the PS3 GAMES BETTER THAN MULTIPLATS with better graphics and dedicated servers but they are leagues better than xbox exclusives. And The only thing on the 360 worth playing are multiplats. If only Sony can make a dirt cheap model with a bigger and sell more Hardware. I think not only do XBOX exclusives suck... But they are pricks who dont care about gamers.

greatjimbo783734d ago

You're a post ironic comedy genius. Why haven't you got your own TV show?

Wait, hang on. You did mean to litter your post in irony didn't you?

ngecenk3734d ago

no no... ms is actually playing the smart card here. they know making a game is not that profitable compared to third party game. yes they got less share, but at least the have no expense on marketing and else.

so instead of making one, they just 'bribe' third party for exclusive content. more people buying the game on 360, profit with less expense for microsoft, and meanwhile they can focus on kinect. i think its a good idea, but they forget that sonys behemoth exclusive is not as 'small' as they thought.

AtomicGerbil3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

How is it smart to pay $50 million for timed exclusive downloadable content?

That money could have made an outstanding exclusive title. I'm sure MS would have made more money making and selling a successful title than royalties from downloadable content.

ChickeyCantor3734d ago

The advantage the Ps3 version might have is the new engine.
PC version still looks best though.

pain777pas3734d ago

What are the 17 XBox 360 exclusives is he talking about to Sony PS3's 12?

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WutPleaze3735d ago

Surprisingly enough - this article makes a lot of really good points. And I hate the PS3 (ever since they adopted the Spiderman writing). Going to be a boring year for 360 exclusives *sets head in hands and cries*

AssassinHD3735d ago

You hate the PS3 because of the font they used for the logo? They don't even use that font in the new logo.

wazzim3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

They don´t have the spiderman font anymore. ;)

But yeah, the 360 owners will still have a great year (as in: enough multiplatform games on the system) but for multiplatform gamers with a 360/PS3/PC/and handhelds like me it's getting pretty boring to play your 360 while you have enough exclusive stuff on the others.

gamingisnotacrime3735d ago

oh my child, what has the MS marketing done to your brain

Istanbull3735d ago

@WutPleaze: PS3 uses a different logo since the introduction of the PS3 Slim in 2009. You need to wake up friend, we're in 2011.

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offdawall3735d ago

yea its kinda sad , MS put their enitre 2011 into kinect and that is what will destroy them ... even with multiplats its clear that people favor ps3 just look at portal 2

hellzsupernova3734d ago

its sad because its the core that made the 360 what it was. now looking at sony exclusive list that includes hardcore games like Killzone 3 and Infamous 2 why would anyone try and defend the 360. I had one but last year i bought my ps3 havnt used it since

TruthBTold3734d ago

It all depends how you look at it. We see people defending the investment MS made on kinect because it has sold well but this could only be good news if you are an investor because if you are a consumer all you should really care about is what has your purchase provided and what will it provide in the future. While you will have a list of options from multiplats your selection seems to lack exclusives for 2011 meaning your options are less. Many believe this is due to MS investing money into pushing kinect and not into buying more new ips for the 360. If you are a core gamer this means you don't have as many gaming options as you had in the past. Let's call each game a feature so for some reason you feel your product seems to have less features for you to use that YOU LIKE. Sure there are multiplats but what justifies a purchase of one system over the other? MS will make a ton of money from kinect sales and shareholders as well as stock holders will be very happy but those profits don't go to that 360 owner. Hopefully MS invests in more games and maybe get some studios open so more games for the core will come. I make more money now and would like to add the 360 to my gaming options but the games aren't there now. Only exclusives would be the reason as I can play multiplats now. I hope they don't go the causal way as nintendo did for the sake of us core gamers.

Loner3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

"How can a series that once was a staple of XBOX now all of the sudden look better and run faster on the PS3?

It doesnt simple as that

"Having played well into the game, the overall feeling is that both versions have their ups and downs during the run of play, especially in the interactive cut-scenes, where the sudden jarring differences in frame-rate are perhaps most noticeable. However, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the original Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect 2 has a performance advantage overall, especially during the exploration and combat sections."

"From a technical perspective, if it is running the Mass Effect 3 engine as the developer suggests, players are not getting any tangible advantages over what has already been released on the Xbox 360. BioWare's heavily modified Unreal Engine 3 probably did require a substantial overhaul to accommodate the Sony platform for the multi-format Mass Effect 3, so it would have made sense to use that work for the ME2 conversion rather than simply port over the existing 360 code. However, this does not manifest in a better game as the marketing seems to be suggesting."

"Technically there is not much of a case for any claims of being "definitive", but perhaps the statement should be judged in terms of content, in the way that a Game of the Year edition of a game might be considered definitive."

"Between the consoles, the gap narrows. Technologically it still feels like the Xbox 360 version has the edge, but occasionally lower frame-rates and mostly unnoticeable graphical compromises on PS3 are not going to have much impact on the fun you have playing this game. Scored today, this would still be a 10/10 game on both platforms."

@ ksense
No flaming allowed :)

ksense3735d ago Show
Qui-Gon Jim3735d ago

I just have to say, I think they meant that it's the definitive version because it includes a bunch of extra stuff that was DLC on the other versions. I never got the impression that they were talking about graphics, just that it is the most complete version.

user8586213735d ago

if microsoft lose gears of war then they are in serious trouble

CarlosX3603735d ago

They won't. Epic has been a committed partner of Microsoft for years. They have gone so far, to preventing the whole Gears of War series landing on PS3.

doa7663734d ago

isn't bulletstorm multiplatform?

WesMcLaren3734d ago

UT3 was multiplatform and better on ps3, their partnership isn't as rock hard as you believe.

MrBeatdown3734d ago

Gears is also owned by Epic, not Microsoft. If Epic wanted to take Gears 4 to PS3, they could. If Bulletstorm proves to be a success on PS3, it's going to make Epic think long and hard about continuing on exclusively with Microsoft.

CarlosX3603732d ago

I know that bulletstorm and UT3 are multiplatform, but Gears has been Microsoft's Epic exclusive. That was my point.

I like how 18 people disagreed with my comment. lol.

Those that disagreed with me probably don't understand my statement, so whatever.

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gamingisnotacrime3735d ago

EPIC is big enough to make it on their own without being MS exclusive, and the market for gears would double overnight.

Qui-Gon Jim3735d ago

Epic is probably happy with the relationship as it is. Just like Insomniac (they are still independent, right?) has always been happy with Sony as their publishing partner.

Money is, of course, the biggest thing in business, but sometimes preserving a relationship with your business partners is just as important. If Epic did go multi-platform with Gears, it could be like cheating on your girlfriend. Sure, you got something extra, but don't expect her to ever talk to you again.

gamingisnotacrime3735d ago

but do you think EPIC need MS support?

Imsomniac and Sony go back a long way, back in the day when the PS2 was THE gaming console

Epic breakthrough was Gears in the 360 and PC, yeha they pop their cherry with MS by their side so that might come into play.

I say, bring Gears to PS3, time and time again the PS3 community has shown its appreciation for great games, ad the gears franchise should be in my blu ray library, kinda like an upgrade, Gears 1,2 and 3 in one Blu Ray in the Collectors edition (dreaming here)

DJKGBYF3735d ago

Epic's breakthrough wasn't Gears of War, it was the Unreal series.

Darrius Cole3734d ago

No it wouldn't double overnight, it would shrink overnight.

Simply put the pain that such a move causes to 360 fans would outweigh the joy that such a move causes to PS3 fans.

If Epic announced Gears 3 was going multi-plat, the gaming internet would be on fire. All PS3 fans would be saying "ha,ha" and all the 360 fans would feel betrayed, stop defending Gears, and start to look at with an honest critical eye. When they start to do that some of them will honestly conclude that they want to buy something else since they will no longer have the emotional attachment of an exclusive.

However, the new PS3 fans will still look at it with a honest critical eye and conclude that it isn't any better than "Exclusive Game X" that they already support. So they won't buy it in large enough numbers to make up for the lost 360 sales.

Pillville3734d ago


You seem to think that every gamer is concerned over the console wars. They aren't. The average gamer cares about as much about xbox vs. ps3 as they do pepsi vs coke.

Are you going to enjoy playing Mass Effect 3 LESS now that it will be multi-plat? How does it effect your actual enjoyment of the game, or why would that prevent you from buying it?

So saying the marking for the game will shrink by going multiplat is just plain dumb.

Darrius Cole3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )


Most gamers are not concerned about the console-wars. But a significant number are. Gears normally sells about 5-7 million copies. Fan-ism would affect 1-2 million of that from negative emotion, without bring a corresponding positive emotion from PS3 fans, because they really haven't been asking for the game.

Remember Gears of Wars is the 360's graphics and technical king. Going multi-plat would force it away from that.

You also have to consider what would then be facts that....

1) The new multi-plat Gears would be less of a technical marvel than the prior two Gears and would probably yield lower review scores.
2) The new multi-plat Gears would probably run better on 360 like most (if not every) other 360 ports. So PS3 fans would see it as just another multi-plat and are likely to choose the next big exclusive over the multi-plat Gears.

Killzone 2 sold about 2.5 million copies. There is no reason to believe that Gears would sell any more that half that on PS3. Yet, could very well lose 2 million 360 sales due to fan-ism and poor reviews.

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