New Crysis 2 Screens: Is this the Best Looking 360 game yet?

GB writes: They look pretty impressive if you ask us but is this really the best looking Xbox 360 game ever, atleast Crysis thinks so.

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psb3731d ago

def one of the best IF not the best imo

cyborg3731d ago

look, I won't be surprised if by the time it releases, it actually takes the crown of being the best looking 360 game.

Tinasumsum3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Going by how console games look. Nice try.

This is not a new 360 standard it's a new console standard. Come on the photo real lighting and textures are not seen on PS3 either.

the_best_player3731d ago

I've seen better on PS3

Tinasumsum3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Disagreeing won't make what I said untrue. LMAO the so called 'dualconsoleowner' has something to say in the defense of PS3.

Parapraxis3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Repeating yourself won't make YOUR statements true Tinasumsum.
You are clearly in denial.

And I also love how you are trying to make it seem as though owning more than one console is somehow a bad

Pixel_Enemy3731d ago

Killzone 3 will hold the CONSOLE FPS crown. Killzone 2 currently holds it. There's just no denying it unless you are just that, in denial. Crysis looks great no doubt about it. Best looking game on the 360 no doubt about it. I plan to buy it no doubt about it. But to say it trumps KZ is just sad.

Killzone is made from a custom engine built from the ground up to preform to the best of the PS3's abilities. Crisis is using an engine doing it's best to preform across all platforms (PC being the obvious best)

Arnagrim3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

The village level from Uncharted 3 is probably the best lighting and texturing I've seen in on a console game ever; better than a majority of PC games too minus a select few.

WhiteNoise3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )


That's f-ing hilarious...

It doesn't even use real tie lighting, it's all deferred rendering. HDR is aPC standard.

Crysis had 128bit HDR, console games use no more than 16 bit.

Resident evil 5 on PC has 64 HDR, FC2 uses 128 bit.

Even deferred rendering looks better on PC.
Fallout 3(HDR)

Yeah baked on lighting owns PC /s

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HBK6193731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )


Is that it? You sure you have had a look at Uncharted 2, LBP2, Killzone 3, God of War 3, etc. etc. etc.?

That isn't any standard right there, 360, PS3 or otherwise on console.

The gun looks nice, that'd probably be it.

Parapraxis3731d ago

It's hard to have a look at those games when you don't have a PS3.

farhad2k83731d ago

Best looking 360 game? Yes.
Best looking PS3 game? Well, we'll have to wait until Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3 are released, they'll give Crysis a good run for their money.

2011 looks good.

jammydude3731d ago

But there are already better looking PS3 games - UC2, GT5, Heavy Rain, KZ2 etc. so why wait? UC3 and KZ3 will only further confirm that Crytek have under delivered on the graphics that they promised big time.


I remember the big scene in Uncharted 2 just before you have to jump out of the exploding building... the scene when you are in the rooftop overlooking the city with the pool ... Just before I battled the Helicopter I Jumped in the pool and then walked out... The part that was in the pool was wet and dripping while the other part was dry... the sun was sparkling on the droplets of water... Thats when I knew that Naughty dog would never have an equal this gen on consoles... Crysis is just lucky Naughty dog only devs for the ps3...

marinelife93731d ago

I'm just not getting all the Crysis 2 hype. It looks clean and good but I don't see why it's getting graphics king mention.

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halocursed3731d ago

HOLY JESUS, looks like a PC game.

The real killer3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Dream on, PC is way better than this limit 360 hardware.

Also look like cartoony.

I knew it, that those 360 fanboys are blind by hitting the disagree button :), they still thinking that 360 the same as PC version is.

This now proof why N4G overrun by fanboys, i just proved.

Do fanboys really think that 360 version will look the same as PC version REALLY!!!!

Parapraxis3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

No doubt the PC version will look a good deal better on many peoples rigs.

For a console version it does look pretty great though. Still waiting to see the PS3's version.
I know my PC couldn't run Crysis 1/2 for beans right now, so I'll be picking it up for PS3 (As I don't subscribe to XBOX Live Gold) if I pick it up at all.

hoops3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

LOL That must be sarcasm. The Xbox360 or PS3 cannot pump out graphics like a mid range PC for that matter. Lets not even mention a high end rig.
But you did make us all laugh with that comment

"HOLY JESUS, looks like a PC game."


jammydude3731d ago

Huh? Look at UC2/3, KZ3, GT5 (the best looking racing game on any platform, no PC racer surpasses it graphically)

hoops3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )


GT5 has some piss poor visuals...than it has amazing visuals. It's a mixed bag. There are parts in GT5 that blow you away..then other parts that look last generation in every aspect.
Show me one PC racer that has 2d backgrounds/trees and aliasing for most of its cars and backgrounds?
You call that stellar graphics?
Besides the 200+ premium cars that look better than most cars on any racing sim i agree, the rest look like crap.
KZ3, UC2/3 look amazing however there are countless PC games looking better and they actually use real AA with higher FP for HDR effects which those games do not.

I get disagrees for stating fact.
SHow me one PS3 or Xbox360 game that uses HDR at higher FP than 10/12? Just one. Thats all I ask.
Its a trick question because there is none.
Here is something funny. The 9700PRO from ATI in 2002 could run HDR at FP24.


Sorry. Dirt2 does not have 2d backgrounds or trees like GT5. Matter of fact Dirt2 in DX11 mode with Tessellation and ADOF looks better than most parts of GT5. Playit with a DX11 GPU and you will see.
The non premium cars in GT5 look like crap. Aliasing and lower polygon models.
The premium cars look better than than all other cars in any racing sim that is true.
Almost ALL PC games using HDR use it above FP24 easily.
Metro 2033 and Crysis (2007 game) looks better.
Arma 2 looks miles better. Stalker looks better. FarCry2 on the PC looks better and how old is that game.

zez3731d ago

@ hoops
I'm sorry but "Show me one PC racer that has 2d backgrounds/trees"
LiveForSpeed, Iracing, Rfactor, NFS hot pursuit, NFS SHIFT, DIRT 1/2.

" the 200+ premium cars that look better than most cars on any racing sim i agree"
That look better than ANY car on ANY racer on ANY platform.

"KZ3, UC2/3 look amazing however there are countless PC games looking better"
Nope. Those three games you mentioned look better than literally every PC game bar Crysis and Metro 2033.

starcrafter3731d ago

You're an idiot. GT5 and many other console games use HDR lighting - in fact GT5 runs at 60fps.

Death24943731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Why are you comparing locked-in hardware to upgradable hardware? People were assuming this was going to look good based on Crysis on PC. Look at what THQ did with Metro2033 on PC. The RSX is the equivalent of a Geforce 7200. We are already on the GTX580. Developers use the pc to start working on titles to be released on next generation systems. How do you think Epic was working on Gears before the original xbox360 was released?

hoops3731d ago


Actually the RSX is based on the 7800GTX hardware ;-)

WhiteNoise3730d ago


That's hilarious.

Dirt 2 makes GT5 look like a PS2 game, no wait, GT5 does that on it's own.

jammydude3730d ago

You're ridiculous, you know that? Even - primarily a PC simulation game reviewer - states in their GT5 video review and I quote "GT5 is the best looking racing game on any platform, yup, even the PC"
I know fanboys like you gonna fanboy, but goddamn I, most mainstream reviewers and even they can admit it - why can't you?
Must be odd to live in your own delusional world where 500,000 polygon car models (GT5) < 160,000 (Dirt 2 when maxed) polygon car models.

WhiteNoise3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )


No I'm affraid you are mistaken.

Dirt 2 uses 128bit HDR, tesselation, full 3d environments and massive draw distances.

I played maxed in dx11 with 32csaa and get a 60 frame minimum, keep telling yourself that GT5 looks better, even the hardcore fans can admit that it looks like crap, and don't believe everything you read on the internet ;)

Gran Touring3730d ago

... this argument has been going on a long time now, but I'll give my two bits.

First off, when it comes to the actual modeling of cars, GT5 trumps anything on any console, including PC; there's no debating this. Look at an Impreza, (a subaru) and look at it in Dirt 2, then Shift, then TDU, then any other racer on PC and tell me GT5's doesn't look better...

@hoops Yes GT5 has poor visuals at times (most notably the shadows :/ ) and I may get disagrees from this, may actually look worse than prologue sometimes. But this is because a few compromises were made to support a more improved engine that required day/night cycling, dynamic lighting, dynamic weather, higher poly counts, 16 cars on a track, and quite possibly the best simulation of volumetric smoke, which can be lit and blown by weather conditions... all this while maintaining a very playable framerate of ~50-60 frames.

Now when it comes to PC gaming, you can enable HDR, go up to 16 MSAA, increase resolution to 1920x1080p, have 60+ fps, etc. and that's all great. But mind you, THIS IS CONTINGENT ON THE PERFORMANCE OF YOUR PC. This applies to all games, multiplatform or not. PC games are not optimized for any specific hardware, but they must support a myriad of CPU's, GPU's, Motherboards, OS's, drivers (sometimes), and even operating systems. It's a double-edged sword; when given 360 or PS3-level hardware, PC games probably wouldn't even run as well as the PS3 or 360 version, because they're not optimized to run it. However, with new hardware constantly becoming available, it's very easy for any PC game to look better and run faster over time.

As a fan of the series, I'm flattered no one even dare compare the console version of Dirt 2, Shift, w/e, because they're nothing close to GT5. Fact at the matter is, the bare-bone engine that runs GT5 is much more advanced than these games.

So can we leave it at that? PC games most assuredly will look better than console games, provided a certain level of hardware is being used to run it, while some PS3 and 360 games are optimized so well that they can challenge PC games with older or similar specs to a console, that may not run it as well?

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TheGrimBunny3731d ago

this game is gonna be sick.. on consoles finally!!!

prongs1233731d ago

These are MP screenshots, I am sure the SP ones will look better. These by no means look bad though. :|

gameseveryday3731d ago


Bad? They look pretty good for a console game my friend.

DenyTheFacts3731d ago

Cant you read? He said that this game does not look bad in any way.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3731d ago

Ace Combat 6 is still one of the best looking xbox exclusives ever. Crysis however is the best looking game coming to 360.

HBK6193731d ago

Wow, you weren't joking when you said that either.

I expected one of those usual "this game is the best on this console" and to have it look like Pong.

AC6 looks amazing for a 3 year old title. Great pick!

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