Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo Impressions (RunDLC)

This is quite a Tuesday for Xbox 360 owners. Not only is Dead Space 2 in stores, but Electronic Arts also released the short but sweet Bulletstorm demo, as well as the Xbox Live exclusive demo for Crysis 2. The latter gives players a taste of the game’s thrilling multiplayer mode, Team Instant Action, where two squads battle for kills, dog tags and awards while navigating a rooftop, set within a post apocalyptic New York City. It’s Team Deathmatch with a futuristic twist, and we can’t get enough.

Chris Buffa (RunDLC)

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FrigidDARKNESS3729d ago

played the demo this morning and its awesome great graphics lighting and action.

MGRogue20173729d ago

I expected more from it..

divideby03729d ago

I have to in the DEMO are ok, nothing we havent seen before. The game runs well and I think I will like it better than COD..
overall nothing special,

OC_MurphysLaw3729d ago

That was a pretty good summation of the game.

@enkeixpress... I actually am the opposite of you. I expected very little from this game and was pleasantly surprised by how fun it felt.

tudors3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

"The only thing that puzzles us is Crash Site, a capture and hold multiplayer mode that requires unlocking, but we’re not sure what needs to be done"

Goodness sakes, it tells you, you need to reach level 7.

Ashby_JC3729d ago

I played like 3 games. I think for me ...I need to learn HOW to play crysis.

As in I have been playing alot of BFBC2 and MAG. And very little Halo type games lately.

So jumping into this I have to change up my play style as there seems to be more goin on then just point and shoot.

As in the nano suit things they characters are wearing.

Im not sure what everything does outside of shooting and going invisible. More play time well be needed.

Initial impression. Im not blown away too much.

Looks good, Som choppiness and lag (not the game itself fault)

Hit detection seems off....but that could be because im used to shootin regular soldiers and used to a few bullets killing someone.

I do like that you can climb almost anything!

And some of the environment is destructible.

I feel that BFBC has spoiled me with the destruction element. So many times I want to blow stuff up...walls etc....SIGH!!!!!! LMAO!