A Newbs Guide To... Demon's Souls (Part 1)

Part 1 of a conclusive guide to surviving in Demon's Souls!

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crofterz3729d ago

Just to clarify before anyone reports it, I couldn't find a walkthrough or guides option for the article type, hence why it is displayed as a opinion piece. I guess my trail of thought was.. it's an article full of the opinions on how best to survive in Demon's Souls.

Miiikeyyy3728d ago

i want this gaaaaame :(

ravinash3728d ago

After many months I finally finished this game.
As soon as I did, I started again.

crofterz3728d ago

@MYK1992 You NEED this game:P

@ravinash I know exactly how you feel, the guy who wrote the article with me has completed it 12 times..

Miiikeyyy3728d ago

im waiting till it gets cheaper first :(
i really want it so much!