The legends speak: how GDC got great developers to look back

The Game Developers Conference has always been a place to hear the best and brightest in the video game industry talk about their craft, but something special had to be done to celebrate the show's 25th year in operation. The show's organizers had an idea: why not book a series of lectures by the people who created some of the best and most influential games in the industry's history to give post-mortems on those games?

The list of developers participating is amazing: Toru Iwatani will talk Pac-Man, Jordan Mechner will discuss the original Prince of Persia, and David Crane will talk about the design of Pitfall. The list goes on, and the amount of knowledge and experience is staggering. Will Wright has had many years to look back on his work on Raid on Bungeling Bay, and hearing a present-day Peter Molyneux talk Populous is sure to be a treat. So how did this amazing lineup happen?

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