Alan Wake Devs Coy on Sequel

Hell Descent: In our interview with Remedy’s Head of Franchise Development, Oskari Häkkinen and Creative Director, Sam Lake of Alan Wake, we asked about the possibility of a sequel. It’s one of those questions that either gets a yes or no answer, but sometimes you get a coy message along the lines of “we can’t say anything yet”. But if there’s nothing to say, why say you can’t say it? Aha! Call us nitpickers, but Oskari Häkkinen response to our sequel question tripped off some alarms.

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NYC_Gamer3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

MS, might as well continue with this series because couple of folks enjoyed the first game.

ksense3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

just like uncharted the second one could make a lot of people go back and play the first and realize what they missed out on. the game was pretty good hopefully ms will do a better job marketing it next time like they did for halo or will do for gears

thereapersson3728d ago

It's really a unique gaming experience, and the fact that it uses the Pacific Northwest as its inspiration earns it bonus points for me.

MAJ0R3728d ago

it would have if they released it on PC

imvix3728d ago

Well advantage with PC these days. Even if a game doesnt sell initially, it just doesnt die out. Platforms like Steam & D2D cause a rejuvination in sales just by giving discounts.

Every time a discount happens thousands of people buy the game, then that causes word of mouth. Making the game start to sell again. This is something that doesnt happen on consoles, if a game bombs then its removed from retail in a few weeks and thats that.

This is exactly how even indie games like:

Torchlight managed to sell near million Copies on the PC.

Amnesia being only 4 months old sold 200,000 copies.

AAA games obviously have a much better chance.

Sleeper hits no one would touch last year like Metro 2033 became hits due to Steam sales promoting it.

Remedy only compromised their own sales by not going PC.

Substance1013728d ago

Wonder why they didnt blame it on the 360 piracy. If the game was a PC exclusive there would have been piracy cries coming from every where lol.

ksense3728d ago

Man I love Steam and I totally agree I pick up so many games during the holidays from them. Recently picked up mafia 2 and all DLC for like 20$ and that game was freaking amazing and had me hooked for a couple of weeks until I completed it

cakeisalie3728d ago

Lol 20usd for the game + all DLC is insane. Think my friend bought that game for 14usd. Still both are great bargains ;-)

If Alan wake would have released on PC, i am sure Steam would have played a big role in making the game a success. Steam just know how to move software.

gillri3728d ago

it wopuld have got more attnetion on the PC

there isnt much release these days for the PC compared to console so it would have had greater exposure on there,

on the 360 and PS3 there were other big AAA titles hitting at that time that were occupying gamers

sinclaircrown3728d ago


I agree the setting was awesome for the game. Underrated IMO. Game really creeped me out. Not many games can do that. I like it.

Ranshak3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )


Theres actually alot on PC, check out

More releases then any console. Lets not even count the Xbox since it only has multiplats for this year.

imvix3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )


Most AAA titles are out on all 3 platforms. The PC platform actually offers the version closest to how the developer actually intended the game to be played. If anyone is missing out on 95% of the games released its the console gamers. No ones stopping people from playing the 5% games on console that dont make it to PC.

Games released last year that were worlds apart between console and PC:

Bad company 2
Bioshock 2
Dragon age origins awakening
Fall out vegas
Grand theft auto episodes
Mafia 2
Medal of honor
Metro 2033

Just to name afew.

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Kalipekona3728d ago

Alan Wake was awesome and way underrated. I am crossing my fingers for a sequel.

DenyTheFacts3729d ago

One of the best games I've ever played

hennessey863728d ago

alan wake along with uncharted 1 and 2 and heavy rain have been my fav games this gen cod 4 for multiplayer

DenyTheFacts3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

I need to buy a PS3 man.. Uncharted 2 seems awesome

Kran3728d ago


I now own a PS3. It is awesome :D So many thrilling moments!

TheDivine3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Me too alan wake is one of my fav games this gen along with demons souls, uncharted, mass effect, lost odyssey and fable 2/3. Too many games to name them all but this is worth getting a 360 for just as uncharted is worth owning a ps3. Should of went to pc also imo.

whitesoxfalife3728d ago

i know enjoyed it a lot!!!!!

Acquiescence3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

for the (so far) 1.3 million selling Epic Mickey, then how the hell should Remedy ever get the green light for Alan Wake 2.

SlipperyMooseCakes3728d ago

They have Microsoft backing them up. They practically broke even on Crackdown 1 and there was still a sequel.

I hope there is an Alan Wake 2. Alan Wake was my GOTY for 2010.

Kalipekona3728d ago

Me too. I didn't enjoy any other game in 2010 as much as Alan Wake.

hoops3728d ago

Bring it out. Bring it out for the PC also and market the game well.
If they do this, it will be more successful.

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